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“There is positively zero slight about 911 production”

Mr Reimold, we have copiousness to juggle in Zuffenhausen usually now – constructing a prolongation trickery for a electric Taycan, start of prolongation of a new 911, and also augmenting prolongation potency overall. How would we report a standard operative day?

Very busy! we have been in a automotive courtesy for 30 years now, and we can overtly contend that substantiating a new prolongation trickery using during full capacity, with new record and processes, on a brownfield site – in other difference an civic growth site – is my biggest plea yet. And I’ve had to overcome copiousness of those over a final 3 decades. If we had to mangle my operative day down, we would contend 20% is taken adult by corporate strategy, and during slightest another 20% goes on prolongation credentials for a wholly electric Porsche Taycan – yet start of prolongation of a new 911 also requires a lot of attention. Then we have to cruise that Leipzig is still a outrageous site, and gripping staff happy and encouraged is also unequivocally critical for me.

How do we do that; do we perform them?

I’m not certain if “entertain” is accurately right, yet positively ensuring that a employees have a passion for Porsche is a unequivocally critical task. Every Porsche should guarantee a customer many years of pushing pleasure, and that kind of passion and fun usually gets infused into a products if employees suffer what they do and code with a association and a cars. That is since fostering a care enlightenment is unequivocally tighten to my heart, and a shortcoming that we take unequivocally seriously.

Compared with constructing a prolongation plant for a electric Taycan, is a start-up of an determined indication such as a 911 rather a slight project?

No, there’s unequivocally no such thing with Porsche production. While we do of march find to minimise complexity in production, convention vehicles in 60-second prolongation cycles is not something we are aiming for, and is positively not how we proceed a Porsche 911. We see intensely high direct for customisation of a iconic sports cars, and it goes yet observant that this is reflected in production. As such, we customarily work with suppliers who are not focused on mass production, and we spend a lot of time and appetite in selection, peculiarity declaration and control, so we always have a ideal element accessible in a right place during a right time. There’s no aspect that we could report as an easy routine.

Production seminar Porsche 911, 2019, Porsche AG

The Taycan, your initial exclusively electric model, is now winning headlines for Porsche. We are rather disturbed that a 911 will turn something of a brave – a indication that usually exists to contend a code picture and make a margins indispensable to finish a changeover to electric…

I can put your mind during rest there. In all of a generations, a Porsche 911 has been an icon, and that will not change. We are operative tough to emanate a new idol with a subsequent era 911, and we’re carrying a good time doing it. I’m always preoccupied by usually how renouned a cars are with customers, generally a derivatives such as a GT3 and GT2. When we came to Zuffenhausen dual and a half years ago, 200 cars a day were being built – now it is 250.

Will we boost ability again for a new Porsche 911?

This year we have already done good strides towards augmenting capability so that we can accommodate marketplace demand. As good as prolongation optimisation, a array of Saturday shifts have also been added. We have a good complement in place, that allows us to find out what orders are entrance in from dealers, and with that package – this means we can devise a capacities accordingly. But we don’t wish to ascent technical prolongation usually so that we are adult to 300 units; we would rather leave a line during 250 units, and continue to concentration on prolongation preparations for a Taycan.

Albrecht Reimold, Executive Board member for Production, 2019, Porsche AG

Reimold: “The Porsche 911 has been an icon, and that will not change”

What does a ramp-up devise for a new Porsche 911 demeanour like?

At a finish of Q1 or start of Q2 2019, we will ramp adult to rise prolongation again before dipping next a peak, yet not significantly so. In new years we have determined a element that has served us good during Porsche, that is to equivocate outrageous variations during indication changes. This unequivocally elementary element allows derivatives of a stream indication – such as a Targa or Turbo – to run alongside ramp-up of a new era 911. The overlie routinely lasts around one and a half years. This routine gives prolongation time to breathe and take stock, depending on demand.

Let’s speak about a Taycan prolongation trickery that is now underneath construction: we are strongly focusing on driverless ride systems (DTS) and rather relocating divided from lines. To what border will this proceed find a proceed into 911 production?

The “flexi-line” offers outrageous advantages in terms of coherence and investment – we’re articulate about assets of around 30-40% here. But a brownfield plant like a one used for 911 prolongation usually can't be converted overnight.

So you’re observant that a 911 will hang with a classical mode of production?

Yes. Starting prolongation of a mint automobile – like a Porsche Taycan – in a totally new prolongation trickery requires critical investment in new technology, as converting existent systems is not indeed cost effective per se. The conditions might be opposite in 5 to 10 years. Of course, prolongation potency will still boost extremely with a new Porsche 911, yet this alleviation will take place within a existent prolongation system.

Production seminar Porsche 911, 2019, Porsche AG

In practice, would that meant that there will be dual apart plants on one site, with a Porsche 911 and Taycan being constructed separately?

No, there is some overlie of course; starting with a logistics processes, and we are also building a new paint emporium that all models could be embellished in. We have built lots of coherence into prolongation so that a 911 can also be constructed in a Taycan public plant – yet not clamp versa.

Does that meant that if a Taycan does not get off to as clever a start as anticipated, we could utilize a line for a explosion engine model?

Yes, we have a technical ability to do that; yet we are positively certain that it won’t be required. Based on feedback from a market, a calculation of 20,000 Porsche Taycan models in a initial year might be a rather regressive estimate. I’ve had a pleasure of pushing a automobile myself, and we can usually contend it’s positively fantastic! Which is a response we’ve been conference from all sides.

Insights into Porsche prolongation 4.0, 2018, Porsche AG

Reimold about a Taycan: “The calculation of 20,000 models in a initial year might be conservative”

While we’re articulate about it, what purpose does e-mobility play in a Porsche 911?

It’s still a rather teenager one since business design a 911 to be what it is. But it’s not wholly out of mind. For example, we have designed a indication to capacitate drivetrain foundation – hybridisation in other words, so we would be prepared to exercise a change like that.

What has altered for a new Porsche 911 from a prolongation viewpoint?

Lightweight construction is a executive issue, as is a plant restructuring that comes with it. For a outdoor shell, we have totally altered over to aluminium, and we are convention a bodies in a new physique emporium that we also use to furnish bodywork for a Porsche Taycan. This proceed is not usually about lightweight construction and augmenting efficiency, yet also improving a outdoor bombard quality.

Production seminar Porsche 911, 2019, Porsche AG

A pivotal emanate for we has been a investiture of your possess apparatus and die shop. How critical has that been in building a outdoor shell?

Absolutely vital. There’s a genuine art to perfecting a shapes and curves of a 911: zero is “off a peg” here. And we can’t achieve soundness with general tooling. Ultimately, we motionless to start producing all a possess production since yet an in-house apparatus and die shop,  it would not have been probable for us to switch over to aluminium bodywork.       

Authors: Frank Volk, Hilmar Dunker

Text creatively seemed in “Automobil Produktion” – special 2018 emanate “The new Porsche 911”

Model Range 911 (Typ 992): Fuel expenditure total 9.1 – 8.9 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 208 – 205 g/km

911 GT3: Fuel expenditure total 12.9 – 12.7 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 290 – 288 g/km

911 Turbo: Fuel expenditure total 9,1 l/100 km, CO2 emissions 212 g/km

911 Targa Models: Fuel expenditure total 9,1 – 7,9 l/100 km; CO2 emissions 208 – 182 g/km