Hyundai Canada


Hyundai continues to collect awards for a indication lineup adding The Car Book 2010 BEST BETS to a list. Three Hyundai models, Genesis, Elantra, and Accent warranted a eminence of BEST BET” from author Jack Gillis and a Center for Auto Safety, a nations heading automobile reserve advocacy group.

We conclude a fact that Hyundai has done a poignant grant to improving a marketplace choices for a American automobile buyer, pronounced Jack Gillis, author, The Car Book. During these many severe times for a automobile industry, a fact that Hyundai vehicles have a peculiarity and facilities many critical to todays automobile patron is a covenant to their enterprise to accommodate patron needs.

For 30 years, The Car Book has comparison vehicles for a Best Bets respect formed on how good they respond to a reserve and opening needs of todays consumer. The Car Book analyzes new vehicles any year to brand those creation a poignant grant to improving a market. BEST BETS ratings appropriate The Car Books highest-rated cars in any of a distance categories. Vehicles are rated in 9 pivotal Car Book categories: pile-up tests, reserve features, rollover, medicine maintenance, correct costs, warranty, fuel economy, complaints, and insurance, with a heaviest importance on safety.

Having 3 Hyundai models named as Best Bets by The Car Book demonstrates a continued joining to value in quality, value and pattern for all of a vehicles in a Hyundai lineup, pronounced Scott Margason, director, product planning, Hyundai Motor America. The Genesis, Elantra and Accent are primary examples of models that not usually accommodate though surpass patron expectations in reserve and performance.

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