BMW Canada

Three lessons schooled – a Mexico City E-Prix.

Munich. The BMW i Andretti Motorsport organisation is contesting its
initial deteriorate in a ABB FIA Formula E Championship. The engineers
benefit some-more knowledge with any competition weekend and incorporate their
new commentary in a growth of a BMW iFE.18 and the
credentials for a subsequent races. In a new array “Three lessons
learned”, we benefaction 3 commentary done by BMW i Andretti
Motorsport after any competition – this week, a Mexico City E-Prix (MEX).


1. Tyre heat in focus.

For a initial time this season, tyre temperatures on a BMW iFE.18
were an emanate that a BMW i Andretti Motorsport engineers and the
drivers unequivocally had to understanding with. Due to a special lane blueprint – the
lane in Mexico City is a permanent racetrack – and a high asphalt
temperatures, a left behind tyre in sold unequivocally exhilarated up.


2. The subordinate groups and their outcomes.

Due to their positions in a motorist standings, António Félix da
Costa (POR) and Alexander Sims (GBR) had to take to a lane in
subordinate groups one and two. Despite quick times and positions one
(Félix da Costa) and dual (Sims) in their particular groups, it wasn’t
adequate for both of them to make it to a Super Pole. Ultimately, Sims
in seventh place missed out on creation it by by 0.004 seconds.
Félix da Costa in sixth usually only done it. In Mexico City, Sims
gifted a disproportion it can make carrying to start from a middle
of a field, when by no error of his possess he got held adult in
Nelson Piquet Jr.’s (BRA) collision and was pushed to a behind of the
field. The risk of this kind of collision is most reduce in the
heading organisation of a starting field.


3. To finish first, we initial have to finish.

This aged motorsport proverb struck once again during a Mexico City
E-Prix. The fact that countless cars mislaid their appetite on a final lap
was an considerable proof of only how essential precision,
total with a engineers and drivers carrying an overview, are to
appetite management. Accordingly, BMW i Andretti Motorsport attaches
good significance to this aspect. In a margin that is as tighten together
as in Formula E, it eventually comes down to any singular percent of
energy. Perfect appetite government and a potency of a BMW i
powertrain are what cumulative Félix da Costa a lectern in Mexico.