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Tom Kristensen thrills assembly in Audi RS 5 DTM

Kristensen became famous essentially due to his 9 triumphs in a Le Mans 24 Hours. However, with 9 stick positions, 4 competition wins, and eighteen lectern finishes, a Dane was also intensely successful for Audi in a DTM. “That’s because Tom was a ideal choice for moving a unrestrained of a guest of a Danish wardrobe partner for motorsport and a DTM,” says Romolo Liebchen, Head of International Partnerships during Audi Motorsport. “They were equally tender by a new MASCOT domicile and a new DTM car.”

More than 750 guest of MASCOT distributors from all over Europe attended a opening eventuality of a new scarcely 35,000-square-meter association domicile in Engesvang, where a new collection, suitably named “Accelerate,” was presented, among other things. The rides with Tom Kristensen in a Audi RS 5 DTM were one of a comprehensive highlights of a event. “It has been a good pleasure to have Audi Sport and Tom Kristensen visiting us during a new domicile in Denmark. Our team-work with Audi Sport is moving on all levels and we share many of a same values and work methods. Both companies are famous for peculiarity and product growth formed on unconstrained tests. That is one of a critical reasons for us to enhance a cooperation,” says Michael Grosbøl, CEO of a Danish family-owned association that employs some-more than 2,800 people worldwide and specializes in workwear.