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Top Qualifying: Best-placed BMW starts a Nürburgring 24 Hours from 13th place.

Nürburgring. The grid positions for a 2019 Nürburgring 24
Hours (GER) have been decided. In total, 5 BMW M6 GT3 done it
into Top Qualifying, in that Christian Krognes (NOR) set the
fastest time by any BMW driver, interlude a time during 8:15.165
mins in a Walkenhorst Motorsport #101 car. Pole position went
to a #2 Mercedes, driven by Maro Engel (GER).


Augusto Farfus (BRA) put a #42 BMW M6 GT3 in 16th place
for BMW Team Schnitzer. The initial ROWE Racing automobile starts from
20th, a #99 car, with Jesse Krohn (FIN) during a wheel. The
team’s second BMW M6 GT3 starts directly behind him: Tom Blomqvist
(GBR) was 21st in a #98. The second Walkenhorst car, the
#100 with Jordan Tresson (FRA) in a cockpit, starts from
26th. The #33 FALKEN Motorsports BMW M6 GT3 came
31st place after to subordinate sessions.


In a SP10 class, a #71 BMW M4 GT4, run by Hofor Racing by Bonk
Motorsport, cumulative initial place. Directly behind them is a #77 car,
driven by 2018 BMW Sports Trophy winners Philipp Leisen, Danny Brink
and Christopher Rink, alongside a gifted Dirk Adorf (all GER).


In a Cup5 class, that is exclusively for BMW M240i Racing, the
#240 automobile and drivers Yannick Fübrich, Daniel Zils, Norbert Fischer
(all GER) and Oskar Sandberg (NOR) lead a margin after qualifying.


Quotes after Top Qualifying for a Nürburgring 24 Hours:


Christian Krognes (#101 BMW M6 GT3, Walkenhorst Motorsport,
13th place):
“After a feat in the
gift race, we approaching to be closer to a front of the
field. The times set by a foe have come as something of a
surprise. we am gratified to have set a fastest time by a BMW. That is
one square of good news after what was, on a whole, a difficult
qualifying. We have some work to do in a race.”


Augusto Farfus
(#42 BMW M6 GT3, BMW Team Schnitzer, 16th place):
“Unfortunately, there was a disagreement with a team
over a radio. As a result, we usually did one drifting path though we could
not have matched a times during a tip anyway. It is a shame, as we
showed via a preparations for this foe what a cars are
able of. Some of a rivals softened massively in qualifying. We
will now concentration on a prolonged race.”


Jesse Krohn (#99 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing, 20th
“The automobile indeed felt good. We did not make any real
mistakes, though only mislaid time here and there. we don’t unequivocally know where
we are ostensible to collect adult 7 seconds. However, one thing is clear,
we will pull and quarrel tough to make it a good race.”


Tom Blomqvist (#98 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE Racing, 21st
“That was a initial time I’ve had a opportunity
to expostulate in a Top Qualifying during a Nordschleife. It was a cool
experience. My laps were good, even if we did remove some time in one or
dual places. Generally speaking, however, we did not have a gait to
set a fastest path times.”


Jordan Tresson
(#100 BMW M6 GT3, Walkenhorst Motorsport, 26th
“We are a prolonged approach off stick position, and a tyres
were not where we wanted them. So we struggled with grip. P26 is not
what we had hoped for. However, we have a 24-hour foe forward of us, so
we will sojourn certain and see what we can do tomorrow and on Sunday.”