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TORONTO, Ontario, Nov 14, 2012 – Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI), announced it will control dual reserve recalls involving Prius vehicles as partial of a broader movement by Toyota Motor Corporation.  The Canadian remember does not embody any additional vehicles.

Approximately 14816 Prius vehicles are being removed to check and in some cases reinstate a steering middle prolongation shaft.

Due to deficient softness diagnosis of some of a prolongation shafts, a splines that bond a prolongation missile to a steering rigging box might twist if a steering circle is frequently and forcefully incited to a full left or full right position while pushing during delayed speeds. This deformation might emanate increasing inner clearway and a splines might eventually, over time, wear out.

Toyota dealerships will check a prolongation missile to establish if it needs to be transposed and, if confirmed, will reinstate it. The investigation and correct will take approximately one hour depending on a dealership’s work schedule.

Approximately 8740 of these same Prius vehicles are also being removed to reinstate a electric H2O siphon for a hybrid system.

In a hybrid system, there is an electrically driven H2O siphon that circulates coolant by a hybrid components to yield cooling. There is a probability that a electric engine commissioned in a H2O siphon might stop functioning, heading to enlightenment of several warning lights in a instrument panel. In singular instances, a electric energy supply circuit compound might open, causing a hybrid complement to stop while a car is being driven.

Toyota dealerships will reinstate a electric H2O siphon for a hybrid system.  The correct will take approximately dual hours depending on a dealership’s work schedule.

There have been no crashes or injuries reported for these dual conditions. Owners of vehicles lonesome by these recalls will accept an owners presentation minute around initial category mail starting in December, 2012.  Any certified Toyota dealership will perform these recalls during no assign to a car owner.

Information is accessible to business by contacting the Toyota Customer Interaction Centre during 1-888-869-6828.

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