Toyota Canada

Toyota is conducting a reserve remember involving certain RAV4/RAV4 Hybrid vehicles

TORONTO, ON – Aug 6, 2019 –– Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) is conducting a reserve remember involving certain 2019 RAV4/RAV4 Hybrid vehicles in Canada. Approximately 3,896 vehicles are concerned in this recall.

The concerned vehicles are versed with a fill-in camera complement that activates to uncover a area behind a car when a car is shifted into reverse. In these vehicles, there is a probability that a shop-worn connector in a audio arrangement section is causing a fill-in camera complement not to activate. If a motorist reverses a car though checking his/her vicinity when a car has this condition, there can be an increasing risk of a crash.

This condition would lead to a noncompliance with certain reserve regulations in Canada.

For all concerned vehicles, if a backup camera complement is found to be potential as a outcome of this condition, Toyota dealers will reinstate a audio arrangement section with a new one during no cost to customers. Owners of all concerned vehicles will be told by initial category mail by early Oct 2019.

Information about automotive recalls, including though not singular to a list of concerned vehicles, is theme to change over time. For a many present Safety Recall information on Toyota vehicles, business should check their vehicle’s standing by visiting and entering their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). For any additional questions, patron support is also accessible by job Toyota Customer Interaction Centre during 1-888-TOYOTA-8 (1-888-869-6828).