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Toyota Selects Approx. 240 Athletes from 43 Countries/Areas as “Global Team Toyota Athletes” On Road to Tokyo 2020

  • Supporting contestant activities toward Tokyo 2020, dedicated webpage launched  
  • Helping people comprehend their dreams by ancillary Olympic and Paralympic Games hopefuls


Tokyo, Japan, Aug 22, 2019 – Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), worldwide partner of a Olympic and Paralympic Games, announced currently that it has launched a dedicated page on a tellurian website to support and share a stories and activities of approximately 240* athletes from 43 countries around a world, to be called “Global Team Toyota Athletes,” as they consolidate a suggestion of ‘challenge’ and ‘continuous improvement’ to lift themselves to validate for a Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

The dedicated web page for athletes introduces their stories as Global Team Toyota Athletes on their tour to attend in Tokyo 2020. The contestant page will be updated as things pierce closer to a Games, such as who qualifies to contest in Tokyo 2020, as a athletes demeanour brazen to behaving their best on a world’s stage.


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The new page also conveys Toyota’s “Start Your Impossible” tellurian corporate initiative, a summary that encapsulates Toyota’s clever enterprise to commend and assistance with hurdles faced by all, including a hurdles confronting a automobile attention during a stream forlorn time of fast change. Sports and a approach that athletes plea themselves to urge and strech their goals are inspirational and uncover a approach to a improved society. By assisting to emanate a some-more open and thorough multitude that allows people plea their potential, Toyota also wants to minister to alleviation and a enrichment of people’s daily lives and altogether society.

*Number of athletes as of Aug 22, 2019



“Global Team Toyota Athletes” are comprised of not usually athletes that are also Toyota employees, though embody athletes that have been comparison from any nation since they share Toyota’s philosophies and values, such as “challenge,” “continuous improvement,” “sincerity,” “teamwork,” “humility and gratitude,” “accountability and honesty,” etc. The athletes put “Start Your Impossible” into use when they contest in their particular sports, and they denote bravery and buoy all of Toyota’s stakeholders, starting with a employees. Aside from a support Toyota provides for athletes as an employer, a association also offers support in apparatus development, as a sponsor, and in a accumulation of other ways.



The story of Toyota’s impasse with sports goes behind to a initial of Toyota Motor Corporation in 1937, when a company’s initial sports club, a lane and margin club, was organized. From that time, Toyota has walked together with sports. The teamwork and personal swell that are gained by sports are not usually gifted by a athletes themselves, though also give energy to those, including Toyota’s employees, that hearten for and support them.

Akio Toyoda, boss of Toyota, commented on a reason a owner Kiichiro Toyoda combined a sports division, saying:

“To make things ever better, we need to have a ‘never give up’ mentality. As we quarrel for something other than ourselves, such as a colleagues, we comprehend we are doing it ‘for a team’, something that has been apparent in a steady attempts to make ever improved cars.”

In 2011, sports supposing Toyota with a feeling of wish and support to “never give up.” During that year, a “Great East Japan Earthquake” struck early in a year, and, after that year, flooding in Thailand caused a supply sequence to be cut off, causing a cessation in production. Akio Toyoda went to see a situation, and while there, he perceived updates on a company’s women’s softball group behind in Japan. The group was in a midst of a final compare for a deteriorate title. The initial refurbish was that a group had been tied scoreless during 0-0 and had only given adult dual runs in overtime. However, a group rallied and was means to lift off a turn-around from behind, finale a diversion instead with a dual run victory.

Following a updated information about a supernatural win, Toyoda commented, “This came during a time when we as a association were already confronting a hurdles of a Great East Japan Earthquake and a flooding in Thailand, saying a softball team’s feat brought most indispensable encouragement.”

Because of this knowledge and many others, Toyota aims to widespread a consternation of sports to as many people as possible.



The athletes that contest in a Olympic and Paralympic Games are a genuine stars. To assistance them gleam as brightly as possible, Toyota, as a TOP partner, will support a Games by providing record and services such as leading-edge mobility vehicles, robots that support mobility, and a use of a Toyota Production System. Toyota hopes to share a passion of sports with all a stakeholders, including a customers.

In further to a newly combined page for a athletes, Toyota already has a strong set of sites dedicated to sports, athletes and mobility:

  1. Toyota Olympic, Paralympic and Sports website

-Shares information about Toyota and Sports, including Olympics and Paralympics

  1. Athlete pages – Newly announced during this time

-Site introducing any of a approx. 240 “Global Team Toyota Athletes” (as of Aug. 22, 2019)

  1. Athlete stories

-Blog articles from name contestant interviews that concentration on their suggestion of challenge

  1. Mobility for All

-Site pity Start Your Impossible campaign’s philosophies and stories with extensive contents, including a newly expelled film “Para Tech,” a underline story on eight-time Paralympic bullion medalist Andrea Eskau and Toyota engineers pulling a boundary of what’s probable in a competition of Para cycling while utilizing Toyota’s knowledge in engine sports

About Toyota’s Top Olympic Partnership and Worldwide Paralympic Partnership

Toyota became a central worldwide mobility partner of a Olympic and Paralympic Committees in 2015 for a 2017-2024 period, covering a Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 (South Korea) and Beijing 2022 (China) and a Olympic and Paralympic Games of Tokyo 2020 (Japan) and Paris 2024 (France). As a partner, Toyota aims to inspire formulating a pacific multitude but taste by sports and is committed to formulating a tolerable multitude by mobility. Toyota’s values of continual alleviation and honour for people are common by The Olympic and Paralympic Games, that brings together a whole universe in loyalty and oneness to applaud a top fulfilment of tellurian potential. Toyota believes that mobility goes over cars; it is about overcoming hurdles and creation dreams come true, that is encapsulated in a company’s “Start Your Impossible” corporate beginning and is a basement for a mutation from a automobile association to a mobility company. When we are giveaway to move, anything is possible.