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Toyota To Offer Rides in SEA Level-4 Automated Vehicles On Public Roads In Japan Next Summer



  • Demonstration to illustrate Toyota’s “mobility as a service” concept
  • Rides will be accessible from Jul to Sep in Tokyo’s bustling Odaiba district

TORONTO, ON – Oct 24, 2019 – Toyota Research Institute (TRI) announced currently that a Platform 4 (P4) programmed pushing exam vehicle will be accessible for open proof rides subsequent summer in Tokyo. Offered from Jul to Sep 2020, a P4 will denote Toyota’s “Chauffeur” SAE Level-4 capabilities in a specific “mobility as a service” (MaaS) pushing environment.

The P4 knowledge will take place in Tokyo’s Odaiba district, a bustling and mostly undiluted waterfront subcenter. Odaiba’s formidable sourroundings of pedestrians, automobile traffic, different highway infrastructure and high potion buildings yield a severe environment in that to denote a capabilities of Toyota’s programmed pushing technology. The open will be invited to register for a experience, and people will be comparison to participate. In suitability with Japanese law, a Safety Driver will be benefaction during a experience.

“By severe ourselves to successfully work autonomously in Odaiba, we have set a high bar that requires us to fast enhance a capabilities of a record in a brief volume of time,” pronounced TRI CEO Gill Pratt.  “To accomplish that, we are operative closely with a Advanced RD Division of Toyota Motor Corporation and Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development (TRI-AD) formed in Tokyo, who is obliged for bringing a P4’s programmed pushing program to a public.”

TRI has been contrast a P4 in a United States during a Ottawa Lake, Mich. closed-course exam facility.  There, TRI replicated Odaiba’s many severe infrastructure characteristics and pushing scenarios for that a P4 will have to navigate autonomously. Further contrast of P4 program is being conducted on open roads in Odaiba and around TRI’s Ann Arbor, Mich. and Los Altos, Calif. investigate offices.

Introduced during CES® 2019, a P4 exam automobile is formed on a fifth-generation Lexus LS sedan. It is being used in TRI’s investigate and growth of both “Toyota Guardian™” active reserve and “Chauffeur” programmed pushing applications.


About Toyota Research Institute

Toyota Research Institute (TRI) is led by Dr. Gill Pratt. The company, determined in 2015, aims to strengthen Toyota’s investigate structure and rise active automobile reserve and programmed pushing technologies, robotics, and other tellurian loudness technology.  Our researchers are regulating synthetic comprehension to advantage multitude and urge a tellurian condition by formulating a destiny where everybody has a leisure to move, engage, and explore. TRI is formed in a United States, with offices in Los Altos, Calif., Cambridge, Mass., and Ann Arbor, Mich. For some-more information about TRI, greatfully revisit

About Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development, Inc.

Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development, Inc. (TRI-AD) focusses on a modernized growth of program for programmed pushing efforts. Its goal is to build a world’s safest programmed pushing car, as good as strengthening coordination with a investigate formula of Toyota Research Institute (TRI) and investigate and modernized growth within a Toyota Group. Activities embody building programmed pushing software, leveraging data-handling capabilities and formulating a true line from investigate to commercialization. See some-more at

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Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) is a disdainful Canadian distributor of Toyota and Lexus vehicles. Toyota has sole over 8 million vehicles in Canada by a inhabitant network of 287 Toyota and Lexus dealerships. Toyota is dedicated to bringing safety, quality, dependability and trustworthiness to a vehicles Canadians expostulate and a use they receive. TCI’s conduct bureau is located in Toronto, with informal offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Halifax, and tools placement centres in Toronto and Vancouver. Toyota operates dual prolongation comforts in Canada. Having constructed some-more than 8 million vehicles, renouned Canadian models built during these comforts embody Toyota RAV4, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, Lexus RX 350 and RX 450h hybrid. Recent investments during a comforts in Ontario will concede for increasing prolongation of a top-selling Toyota RAV4 and RAV4 Hybrid models.

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