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Toyota’s New “LQ” Wants to Build an Emotional Bond with Its Driver

  • Onboard Artificial Intelligence Agent “Yui” delivers personalized pushing experience
  • Toyota-developed SAE Level 4 homogeneous programmed driving
  • LQ to be displayed during “Future Expo” special muster of a 2019 Tokyo Motor Show
  • Test expostulate knowledge accessible from June to Sep 2020 in Tokyo

TORONTO, ON – Oct 11, 2019 – Toyota Canada Inc. currently announced a “LQ”, a judgment automobile that leverages modernized record to build an romantic bond between automobile and driver. The subsequent era of a Toyota “Concept-i”, a judgment automobile initial exhibited during a 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, LQ is versed with programmed pushing capabilities and “Yui,” a absolute synthetic intelligence-powered interactive representative designed to learn from a motorist and broach a personalized mobility experience.


“In a past, a adore for cars was built on their ability to take us to apart places and capacitate a adventures,” pronounced LQ growth personality Daisuke Ido. “Advanced record gives us a energy to compare patron lifestyles with new opportunities for fad and engagement. With a LQ, we are unapproachable to introduce a automobile that can broach a personalized experience, accommodate any driver’s singular mobility needs, and build an even stronger bond between automobile and driver.”

As a mobility company, Toyota believes that when people are giveaway to move, anything is possible. This prophesy is built on an bargain that mobility goes over earthy travel to embody a tellurian need to be changed and intent emotionally.

LQ follows this truth underneath a core growth thesis of “Learn, Grow, Love.” Yui and LQ’s programmed pushing technology, both grown in partnership with Toyota Research Institute (TRI), mix to emanate a singular mobility knowledge that builds a attribute between automobile and motorist by training from and responding to particular preferences and needs. The name expresses Toyota’s wish that this proceed will “cue” a growth of destiny vehicles that raise a attribute between automobile and driver.

LQ will be on open arrangement during a “Future Expo”, a special muster of a 2019 Tokyo Motor Show1 from Oct 24 to Nov 4. In addition, Toyota currently announced “Toyota Yui Project Tours 2020”, a open test-drive eventuality scheduled to run from Jun to Sep 2020. The open will have a event to register for a possibility to be comparison to knowledge a LQ and a “Yui” AI. By regulating a smartphone app in allege to yield their interests and preferences, comparison participants will join a exam expostulate of a “LQ” with “Yui”.

More sum for a Toyota Yui Project Tours 2020 will be announced on a dedicated website:

Main Features

The categorical comforts and technologies of a LQ include:

1.     Yui Mobility Expert and AI Agent

LQ comforts an on-board synthetic comprehension representative named “Yui” that provides a personalized mobility knowledge formed on a driver’s romantic state and alertness. In sequence to safeguard reserve and comfort, a AI can rivet with a motorist regulating interactive voice communications, in-seat functions designed to boost application or revoke stress, in-vehicle illumination, atmosphere conditioning, fragrances and other human-machine interactions (HMI). Yui can also name and play song formed on a pushing sourroundings and yield real-time information on topics of seductiveness to a driver.

In serve to investigate conducted during TRI, Toyota perceived support from a following companies in a growth and doing of Yui:

  • JTB Corporation: Provided trickery information and pushing routes suitable to accommodate patron preferences;
  • AWA Co., Ltd.: Offered streaming song suitable for automobile pushing routes and patron preferences
  • NTT DoCoMo, Inc.: Provided a high-speed and fast communication sourroundings by installing a 5G bottom hire during a exam expostulate base

Going forward, Toyota will continue to work on serve expanding Yui’s doing by formation with other products such as smartphones.

2.     Technology designed to yield safety, assent of mind, and a gentle mobility experience

i)       Automated Driving: The LQ is versed with an SAE2 Level 4 homogeneous programmed pushing function.

ii)      Automated Valet Parking System (Jointly grown with Panasonic Corporation)

The complement eliminates a need to hunt for parking spaces by automatically pushing between a drop-off mark and an reserved parking space in circuitously parking lot, improving accessibility for those with mobility stipulations including seniors, people with earthy disabilities, profound women, business with infants, and anyone who has problem parking. The complement also maximizes space in a parking lot by shortening clearway between adjacent vehicles to 20 centimeters.

Automated parking uses an on-vehicle complement that identifies a stream position of a automobile regulating mixed cameras, sonar and radar, 2D highway mapping, cameras commissioned in a parking lot and a control center. Vehicle sensors and parking lot cameras also guard for other vehicles and pedestrians on a programmed pushing route, automatically interlude a automobile when another automobile or a walking is detected.

iii)     AR-HUD (Jointly grown with Panasonic Corporation)

LQ’s Augmented Reality Head’s Up Display (AR-HUD) uses Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance a information arrangement area of a Head’s Up Display (HUD), ancillary protected pushing by shortening motorist eye movement.

Driving information such as line warnings, highway signs, and track superintendence can be displayed in a three-dimensional and easy-to-understand demeanour over a view seen by a windshield. The complement helps keep a driver’s eyes on a highway interjection to a vast shade arrangement (equivalent to 230 inches) that has a abyss of 7 m to 41 m forward of a vehicle.

iv)     Seat with application and decrease functions (world-first) (Jointly grown with Toyota Boshoku Corporation)

LQ’s modernized seating complement consists of mixed inflatable atmosphere bladders embedded into a chair with an in-seat atmosphere conditioning complement to assistance keep a motorist watchful or loose depending on a pushing situation.

When a complement recognizes that a motorist is tired, it inflates a atmosphere bladder in a chair behind to support an honest sitting viewpoint and leads cold atmosphere from a movement complement located in a seat.

When conditions concede a motorist to relax, such as in programmed pushing mode, a atmosphere bladder in a chair behind gradually inflates and contracts to inspire abdominal breathing.

3.     Other modernized apparatus and technology

i)       New HMI functions

LQ uses a roof and building pad areas as an discerning communications height to share information between a automobile and passengers. Embedded lighting displays opposite colours to prove programmed or primer pushing mode and lights adult opposite feet wells to prove that newcomer Yui is addressing.

LQ can also promulgate information such as highway aspect conditions to people inside and outward of a automobile regulating a Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) commissioned in a headlights. The complement can activate one million little embedded mirrors to plan formidable total on a highway ahead.


ii)      Organic LED scale arrangement (Toyota’s first)

A initial for Toyota, LQ’s dashboard and meters are displayed regulating organic LEDs (OLEDs). The modernized instrument row pattern wraps around a motorist while ensuring high visibility.

iii)     Air catharsis coating (Jointly grown with Aisin Chemical Co., Ltd. and Cataler Corporation)
LQ comforts a newly grown matter cloaking that decomposes ozone into oxygen on a radiator fan, permitting ozone nearby a belligerent surface, a means of photochemical smog, to be decomposed as a automobile moves. Toyota has totalled a outcome of a cloaking as purifying about 60 per cent of ozone contained in 1,000 litres of atmosphere over a march of an hour drive.

Toyota expects this record to assistance purify damaging emissions like ozone from a atmosphere during drives and is deliberation a cloaking for use in blurb vehicles in a future.

4.     Design

The LQ cabin is designed with a futuristic, forward-projecting conformation that puts Yui during a core of a instrument panel, with lines that upsurge from a inside of a automobile out opposite a exterior.

The minimalist interior is well-spoken and sleek, with pivotal elements like atmosphere conditioner vents dark behind invisible registers. The 3D-printed core console is reinforced regulating a pattern technique of topology optimization, that provides optimal strength and supports an modernized automobile interior with fewer support structures manifest to a driver. The extraneous doors underline potion that seamlessly connects with a interior of a vehicle, formulating an integrated, superb design.

LQ Main Specifications

*1 The special invitation days is on Oct 24; a uncover is open to a ubiquitous open from Oct 25 to Nov 4.

*2 SAE Level references can be found here

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