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‘Trainee Car’ with fun factor: The Pickup ŠKODA FUNstar

The new dream automobile of 23 trainees from a ŠKODA AUTO Vocational School: a smart-alecky Pickup ŠKODA FUNstar. The fun automobile concept, formed on a new ŠKODA Fabia, is a outcome of ŠKODA’s ‘trainee car’ project, that was run for a initial time final year. The ŠKODA FUNstar will be celebrating a open entrance during a 34th GTI Meeting during Wörthersee from 13 to 16 May 2015.

The 2 immature women and 21 immature group have been tinkering on their unequivocally possess automobile plan given Nov 2014. Developing ideas and deliberating probable solutions, drawing, conceptualizing and above all, they have built a unequivocally special, a singular car. Inventiveness and coherence are usually as critical as pragmatism and doing skills. The trainees have been upheld in their work by ŠKODA arch engineer Jozef Kabaň and ŠKODA AUTO Production Director Michael Oeljeklaus. The new ‘Trainee Car’ is roughly ready; a premiere takes place during a mythological GTI Meeting during Wörthersee in mid-May.

This is a second year in a quarrel that a Czech manufacturer has given comparison trainees a event to emanate their dream car. The company’s idea with this programme is to foster and strengthen a vocational students’ creativity and expertise. “After a glorious formula of a ŠKODA Trainee Car premiere final year, it was transparent that we would continue a project,” says ŠKODA HR Director Bohdan Wojnar. “We are once again gay with a students’ artistic ideas and their goal-oriented implementation. We would like to appreciate everybody who has upheld a project, generally a teachers during a ŠKODA AUTO Vocational School. The ŠKODA FUNstar is a good judgment automobile that is going to warn and enthuse visitors during a GTI Meeting.”

The ŠKODA FUNstar is a smart-alecky pickup formed on a new ŠKODA Fabia – cheeky, uninformed and surprising. This is a bright, pointy pickup with a genuine fun factor, not usually in name. The ŠKODA FUNstar stands out with a lead colours steel-grey and moon-white. The sills, grille approximate and a back spoiler form a distinguished contrariety in reflex-green. One special underline is a LED lights mounted next a sidebars. The duel-lens headlights also underline LED technology, with immature LED light strips portion as daytime using lights. LEDs are also used in a back lights.

“Through this project, a apprentices have unequivocally shown what they are able of,” says ŠKODA Production Board member Michael Oeljeklaus whose dialect has taken a youth employees underneath their wing in prolongation technology. “The plan has been good fun. The students have unequivocally got on house with a task, display good fervour and building their expertise.”

The ŠKODA FUNstar drives adult on 18-inch ‘Gemini’ alloys from a Octavia RS. The engine is a 1.2 TSI petrol with 90 kW. The delivery facilities a complicated seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The sporty demeanour continues in a interior. Individual elements are also finished in a colours steel-grey and moon-white. It goes but observant that a students used one of a best sports steering wheels ŠKODA has to offer, and a 1400-Watt sound complement offers a illusory song experience.
The ‘Trainee Car’ plan once again demonstrates a high peculiarity of ŠKODA’s vocational training, and a significance of mixing fanciful preparation with unsentimental experience. The ŠKODA Vocational School offers immature adults three- or four-year training programmes in technical subjects. The students connoisseur with an tutelage diploma or NVQ turn 3 respectively. There are now 13 training courses, on that 880 full-time trainees are enrolled. 12.5% of these apprentices are immature women. In addition, 65 stream employees are supplementing their education during a post-graduate level. The ŠKODA Vocational School in Mladá Boleslav was determined in 1927. Since then, roughly 22,000 students have finished their training there.

Training immature people is a pivotal partial of a Czech automobile manufacturer’s amicable responsibility. The training is free; moreover, students are paid for their work during their apprentices. After successfully completing a training, ŠKODA offers all graduates a permanent job.