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Tribute to Charly Lamm: Friends remember a mythological group principal.

Nürburgring. On a Thursday before a start of the
Nürburgring 24 Hours (GER), BMW Motorsport came together to
commemorate Schnitzer group principal Charly Lamm, who died during the
start of a year. At a special reverence event, BMW Group Motorsport
Director Jens Marquardt and a horde of companions from some-more than 50
years of motorsport remembered Charly Lamm a person, as good as
a many racing successes he enjoyed all over a world. Under
Lamm’s leadership, Schnitzer Motorsport won a 24-hour competition during the
Nürburgring no fewer than 5 times.


Marquardt led a reverence in a BMW M Motorsport Hospitality during the
Nürburgring, that was attended by many obvious guest – including
many stream and former BMW works drivers, and rivals from various
opposite racing series. “The news of Charly Lamm’s genocide during a start
of a year came as a outrageous shock. Above all for his family and
friends, of course, though also for a whole universe of motorsport,” said
Marquardt. “For decades, Charly was one of a greats of this world.
This was shown emphatically by a implausible volume of international
magnetism following his death. We are here currently to remember Charly
Lamm a illusory group principal and all his many successes, though also
a illusory person.”


Among those to pronounce during a eventuality about a practice they shared
with Charly Lamm were former BMW Motorsport directors Mario Theissen
and Gerhard Berger (CEO of ITR e.V.), Jochen Neerpasch (first managing
executive of BMW Motorsport GmbH), and Olaf Manthey (team principal and
former BMW driver), as good as stream BMW works drivers Augusto
Farfus (BRA) and Bruno Spengler (CAN).


Other quotes from a reverence event.


Mario Theissen: “Charly was a best male we came
opposite in a whole universe of motorsport. And he was a many respected
man. That is unique. What done him so special was that he gave every
small fact his full attention. In a end, he was means to cope
improved with problems than a opposition. He did that improved than
anyone else.”


Jochen Neerpasch: “Competition was what Charly lived
for. You could call him during any time, he desired precision. He was one of
a greats of motorsport – and for many decades he was a heart and
essence of Schnitzer.” 


Gerhard Berger: “My best time as a racing motorist was
with Charly and Schnitzer. In motorsport, we have never met anyone else
who, notwithstanding all a success, had remained such a excellent chairman as
Charly. His aura was unique. He was a really good friend. we will never
forget him.”


Augusto Farfus: “I will never forget Charly’s ability
to put so many passion into something though ever seeking for anything
in return. The approach he enjoyed motorsport, and a intensity, with
that he partook in it, were unique. Charly never funded any energy
– he was always prepared to assistance and to listen. we schooled so many from
him – and we skip him incredibly.” 


Bruno Spengler: “Charly never counted a hours – he
only gave it all from morning to evening. He speedy everyone
around him. Charly gave me wings and led us to a DTM pretension in 2012.”


Olaf Manthey: “We were both friends and rivals.
Charly and Schnitzer were always deferential and satisfactory to other teams.
When we shaped my company, my idea was to be only as successful as the
Schnitzer team. He always speedy me. There is simply nobody like
him. Motorsport will remember Charly for a prolonged time.”


Charly Lamm.

It was clear early on that Charly Lamm would follow his older
half-brothers Josef and Herbert Schnitzer into motorsport. BMW and
Schnitzer Motorsport have shaped a successful fondness on the
racetrack given a 1960s. Lamm shortly found his place in a group and
grown his possess methods. Driven by passion, meticulousness and the
enterprise to learn a world. “Our home in Freilassing is not a hub
of a motorsport world,” he once said. This is where he always lived
and worked. “However, it shortly became apparent to me that we would have
a event with a racing group to transport and enhance my horizon.
we was impossibly vehement by this prospect, and it commanded a rhythm
of my life given we was a youngster. When we subsequently raced in
America and Asia, we mostly packaged my carrier for another week and
trafficked around. That was a genuine privilege.”


Even as a propagandize pupil, path times and set-up work dynamic a pace
of Lamm’s life. “At delegate school, they did not see me really often
on Fridays and Mondays,” he said. As a immature man, Lamm used to tour
a racetracks of this universe with a Schnitzer team. He grew with his
tasks. At first, he was a overworked trainee, afterwards group manager and
arch preference maker.


The list of successes that Schnitzer Motorsport achieved underneath Charly
Lamm is a prolonged one. And he always remained constant to BMW: Lamm’s
victories came exclusively with competition cars or engines from Munich. In
a 1980s, Schnitzer grown into a widespread group in furloughed car
racing. Lamm regularly led a group to new success with a BMW M3.
“We were a invincibles,” he said, describing those years. Victory in
a World Touring Car Championship, success in a European Touring
Car Championship, DTM triumph, titles in Italy, Great Britain and
Asia, altogether feat in a Super Touring Car Championship: Wherever
Schnitzer was involved, it rained trophies. “We were on a run. The BMW
M3 was phenomenal. Everything came together perfectly.”


However, a “race of a lives”, as Lamm described it later, was
still to come. In 1999, BMW won a mythological 24 Hours of Le Mans
(FRA) with a Schnitzer group and a BMW V12 LMR. BMW Motorsport has
won a iconic 24-hour competition on a Nürburgring-Nordschleife 19 times,
many recently in 2010. Once again it was Schnitzer who left the
24-hour competition in a “Green Hell” victorious, carrying prior won in
1989, 1991, 2004 and 2005. In 2012, Lamm and Schnitzer were triumphant
when BMW Motorsport returned to a DTM after an deficiency of 20 years.
Bruno Spengler (CAN), a group and BMW won each pretension on offer. 


At a finish of 2018, after some-more than 40 years in engine racing, Lamm
bid farewell to a large stage. As common as ever, though with one last
hurrah: In Nov 2018, he won a FIA GT World Cup in Macau (CHN)
with Augusto Farfus during a circle of a BMW M6 GT3. This was Lamm’s
final competition as group principal, and his final competition full stop.