Mercedes-Benz Canada

Triple jubilee – Exploring Chongqing in a Mercedes-Benz GLC.

Placed underneath a approach administration of executive supervision a good 20 years ago, a special mercantile section is home to not one though 7 cities with an considerable skyline – any of that would be a millions-strong city in Europe – and thousands of bridges, hundreds of thousands of restaurants and large palm parks. “It’s perfect,” says Li Na, holding a laterally peek during a SUV. “I consider a city, a automobile and we have a few things in common: drive, energy, a kind of coolness, we hope.” So, how prolonged has she been a code envoy for Mercedes-Benz? “Since 2011, when we won my initial Grand Slam,” she replies, holding a sip of bottled water. “I favourite a slogan: ‘The best or nothing’. That was my maxim, too: to be a best. we would have been, as well, if we hadn’t been so disposed to injury.” By this she means her right knee, that was eventually what finished her career – during 32. Much of a few million dollars she won in esteem income was donated to free causes.