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Turbulent, rain-soaked competition to finish a DTM season: Glock best-placed BMW motorist in fourth.

Hockenheim. The 2019 DTM deteriorate resolved with an eventful wet
foe during Hockenheim (GER). Timo Glock (GER, JiVS BMW M4 DTM) was the
best-placed BMW driver, finishing fourth. Joel Eriksson (SWE, CATL
BMW M4 DTM) and Bruno Spengler (CAN, BMW Bank M4 DTM) were also in
a points, finishing in sixth and ninth positions. After 18 races,
Marco Wittmann (GER, Schaeffler BMW M4 DTM) was a many successful
BMW driver, scoring 202 points and securing third place overall.
Victory in a culmination went to Nico Müller (SUI, Audi).

Outside a tip ten, Wittmann, Sheldon outpost der Linde
(RSA, BMW M4 DTM) and Philipp Eng (AUT, ZF BMW M4 DTM) crossed the
line in twelfth, 13th and 14th positions. The foe was interrupted due
to a horde of incidents during a finish of a initial path and afterwards restarted
behind a reserve car. The rain, complicated during times, continued throughout
a race.
The DTM deteriorate might be over, though a fans still
have one some-more prominence to demeanour brazen to this year: on 23rd/24th
November, 3 BMW M4 DTMs will be competing during a “Dream Race”
featuring a DTM and a Japanese SUPER GT championship during Fuji
(JPN). Alessandro Zanardi (ITA) and Kamui Kobayashi (JPN) have already
been reliable as drivers.
Reactions to a 18th DTM foe of a 2019 season
during Hockenheim.

Jens Marquardt (BMW Group Motorsport Director):

“That was another intensely eventful foe to turn off the
deteriorate here during Hockenheim. The continue played a widespread purpose and
there were a few incidents where we didn’t unequivocally make life any easier
for ourselves. That all meant that fourth place for Timo Glock was the
best we could wish for. However, we were aiming for many better
formula this foe Sunday. And that is loyal of a 2019 deteriorate as a
whole. Congratulations to Marco Wittmann on third place in a overall
standings. He distinguished 4 wins for us and we also enjoyed success
with Philipp Eng and Bruno Spengler. Despite some trying
circumstances, conjunction a drivers nor anyone else from a group ever
stopped battling. we am unequivocally beholden for that. Now we are totally
focused on operative towards 2020, so that we can do better.
Congratulations to Audi on winning a pretension – and congratulations are
also in sequence to Aston Martin after a earnest entrance season. Just
like with a coming of a Japanese manufacturers during Hockenheim,
a countless innovations were a exhale of uninformed atmosphere for a DTM 2019.
The array is unequivocally relocating in a right direction. Now we are
looking brazen to a prominence to turn off a DTM year during Fuji at
a finish of November.”
Stefan Reinhold (BMW Team RMG Team Principal):

“That was a unequivocally formidable foe today. Sometimes we were
concerned during a front and infrequently we fell right back. We attempted to
use a plan to pull Bruno Spengler adult by a field. That was
an hapless conditions in a array line with Marco Wittmann; it was a
matter of centimetres. We saw that a array line was unequivocally full and
attempted to conduct a conditions though a array line neighbour also finished his
stop during a same time. These are things that can infrequently go wrong
when things are so tight. We are happy that nobody got hurt. We were
also incompetent to pierce adult any serve with Timo Glock; a gait wasn’t
there. But my group did good work again this season. Thanks to all the
mechanics and engineers for doing a good pursuit for 18 races.”
Marco Wittmann (#11 Schaeffler BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMG, Grid:
5th, Race: 12th, Drivers’ standings: 3rd, 202 points):

“Essentially, a foe was over after a drive-through penalty.
We still hoped for another reserve automobile to assistance us get closer though that
didn’t come about. All in all, it was a foe to forget. But a season
is over now and we did strech a lectern with third place in a overall
standings. That is what depends and we can be unapproachable of that. Compared
to a competition, we didn’t always have a best package. That means
that third place is a good approach to turn off a deteriorate of ups and downs.”
Bruno Spengler (#7 BMW Bank M4 DTM, BMW Team RMG, Grid: 14th,
Race: 9th, Drivers’ standings: 9th, 106 points):

“Of course, ninth place is not a dream finish. But it was a good
liberation opening after starting from 14th on a grid. The team’s
plan was great. We stopped during accurately a right moment. That was
perfect. We couldn’t have finished any better. Now we have to concentration on
subsequent year to make certain that we get a many out of a car. That is
a objective.”
Timo Glock (#16 BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMR, Grid: 2nd, Race:
4th, Driver’s standings: 12th, 58 points):

“That was a shame. we didn’t get it right during a start and my
wheels were spinning. we had large problems with hold all a time and it
was unequivocally formidable to get a tyres operative in a cold conditions.
When we was behind René Rast, my speed was improved though whenever we got
tighten enough, so many H2O came in by a atmosphere intake that we lost
some engine performance. That meant that we had no possibility of overtaking
him. At a end, we was concerned in a small conflict with Jamie Green.
Of course, it’s a contrition that we only missed out on a lectern by
finishing fourth. we would have favourite to have got there for a guys
though it wasn’t utterly enough.”
Bert Mampaey (BMW Team RBM Team Principal):

“The conditions were formidable today. That start procession was
all about safety, that was positively correct. As it was unequivocally likely
that we would see a reserve car, we motionless to separate a strategy. We
stayed out for a prolonged time with Joel Eriksson. That cumulative sixth
place for us, that is good. In some ways, a foe reflected how our
deteriorate has gone. There were some ups and downs. But we are prepared to do
improved again subsequent season.”
Philipp Eng (#25 ZF BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RMR, Grid: 7th, Race:
14th, Drivers’ standings: 6th, 144 points):

“The foe unequivocally matched how a second half of my deteriorate went.
The complicated sleet finished conditions formidable and we attempted to make a best
of it. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out. we am only going to forget
about it and go behind on a conflict subsequent year.”
Joel Eriksson (#47 CATL BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RBM, Grid: 4th,
Race: 6th, Drivers’ standings: 11th, 61 points):

“That wasn’t bad today. The gait during a foe was fantastic.
We showed that we can also go quick in a rain. It is good to finish
a deteriorate like that. Jamie Green and we had a lane to ourselves
when all a other drivers had stopped and we were unequivocally fast.
Overall, that was not an easy foe though a outcome was positive.”
Sheldon outpost der Linde (#31 Shell BMW M4 DTM, BMW Team RBM,
Grid: 15th, Race: 13th, Drivers’ standings: 13th, 42 points):

“Qualifying was bad and we was frequency means to make adult any
places. Overall, that was a formidable weekend for us. Looking back
over a DTM deteriorate as a whole, we can contend that we have schooled a lot. I
will build on that.”