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Turner Motorsport wins GTD category with BMW M6 GT3 during IMSA culmination – Podium for BMW Team RLL.

Road Atlanta. The BMW teams in a 2019 IMSA WeatherTech
SportsCar Championship were means to finish a deteriorate on a high at
Road Atlanta (USA). In a GTD class, Bill Auberlen – who incited 51
on Saturday -, Robby Foley and Dillon Machavern (all USA) claimed
feat with a #96 BMW M6 GT3 for Turner Motorsport. BMW Team RLL
scored another GTLM podium. The contingent of Connor De Phillippi (USA),
Tom Blomqvist (GBR) and Colton Herta (USA) came third after sharing
pushing duties in a #25 BMW M8 GTE. Their team-mates John Edwards
(USA), Jesse Krohn (FIN) and Philipp Eng (AUT) finished ninth during the
classical Petit Le Mans after an early technical emanate with their #24


It was a second win of a deteriorate for a Turner squad. Auberlen
now has 60 victories in North American sports automobile racing underneath his
belt to equal Scott Pruett (USA). No other drivers have amassed more
visits to a tip step of a podium. Auberlen and Foley finished the
deteriorate in second altogether in a GTD drivers’ standings.


After starting from eighth on a grid, a #25 BMW M8 GTE
hence worked a approach by a margin over a march of the
race. On path 236, Blomqvist took a GTLM lead for a initial time, and
kept battling it out during a front finish of a container with his team-mates
until a unequivocally end. Blomqvist, De Phillippi and Herta ultimately
claimed BMW Team RLL’s fourth lectern outcome of a year. The team’s
biggest success of a deteriorate was feat during a Rolex 24 during Daytona
(USA), that had also been cumulative by automobile no. 25.


An oil trickle in a early stages of a competition caused a prolonged array stop
for a #24 BMW M8 GTE, driven by Eng, Edwards and Krohn. The large gap
of several laps couldn’t be done adult over a march of a race.


In a GTLM drivers’ standings, De Phillippi is a best-placed BMW
deputy with 293 points in sixth place. BMW finished a season
in fourth in a manufacturers’ standings with 327 points.


Reactions to a Petit Le Mans during Road Atlanta.


Jens Marquardt (BMW Group Motorsport Director): “This
was a successful deteriorate culmination for us – in GTLM and in GTD. What a
thespian finish by Bill Auberlen. On a unequivocally final path he cumulative GTD
feat for Turner Motorsport with a BMW M6 GT3. Congratulations
also go to his team-mates Robby Foley and Dillon Machavern. No other
motorist has scored some-more wins in North American sports automobile racing than
Bill – his 60th win on his 51st birthday. This
is amazing. It’s unimaginable to see what kind of performances Bill
continues to deliver. In a GTLM class, a IMSA deteriorate finished in the
same conform as it had kicked off: with BMW drivers on a podium. We
couldn’t measure another win during Road Atlanta, though Connor De Phillippi,
Tom Blomqvist and Colton Herta delivered a clever quarrel and were
rewarded with third place. Congratulations to a contingent of drivers and
a BMW Team RLL crew. This was a certain finish to a deteriorate with
several highs and lows. It’s a empathize that a second BMW M8 GTE lost
belligerent due to an early technical issue. A lot some-more would have been
possible. Our GTLM delight in Daytona was a deteriorate highlight. Now we
will put in some tough work over a winter to make certain that we will
be as clever there subsequent year as in 2019. In addition, we wish to fight
for tip positions on a some-more unchanging basis.”


Bill Auberlen (#96 BMW M6 GT3, winner): “This was an
unimaginable race. we only adore Road Atlanta. Victory on my
51st birthday, second in a championship and now tied with
Scott Pruett on 60 wins: this is crazy. we have won here for a fourth
time. In 2020 we will try to do it again. we wish to pass Scott in the
winners’ list.”


Robby Foley (#96 BMW M6 GT3, winner): “We started
from a back, that is never ideal. Then we have to conduct a risks
we take. Still we was means to benefit belligerent on my initial army and moved
adult to fourth. After that we were using unequivocally consistently. It was
tighten during a end, though it all worked out. Thank we to Turner
Motorsport. They gave us a good car.”


Dillon Machavern (#96 BMW M6 GT3, winner): “My stints
were not unequivocally eventful, to be honest. Robby did a good competition in the
beginning, Bill did a good pursuit during a end. The Turner boys did a
ideal job. That’s a good thing about these prolonged races. You always
have a possibility to come back. It’s an overwhelming day.”


Connor De Phillippi (#25 BMW M8 GTE, third
 “We started a deteriorate with a win, and we finish the
deteriorate on a podium. It was a hard-fought lectern this weekend. The
competition had highs and lows, Tom gathering a ruin of a final stint. The right
automobile was in a automobile during a right time. we couldn’t be happier.”


Tom Blomqvist (#25 BMW M8 GTE, third place): “It was
all or zero in a end. And we done it. I’m unequivocally happy now. This
eventuality was only awesome. The final army was flattering mental. It’s just
good we could do this for a guys and everybody in a team.”


Colton Herta (#25 BMW M8 GTE, third
 “Everybody did such a good job. We had a good
doing in a car, and it unequivocally came alive in a night when it had
to. We didn’t utterly have a gait during a beginning, though we finished the
competition right. I’m happy to finish my racing deteriorate on a podium.”


John Edwards (#24 BMW M8 GTE, ninth place): “This is
a unequivocally unsatisfactory approach to finish a 2019 season. We did have some good
races and a good pace, even today. But for us it only didn’t come
together. Hopefully we can equivocate these problems subsequent year and fight
for a championship in 2020.”


Jesse Krohn (#24 BMW M8 GTE, ninth place):
“Unfortunately we didn’t have most fitness today. We had problem with the
automobile and forsaken 20 laps back. Then it was only a matter of bringing
a automobile home. Today wasn’t a day.”


Philipp Eng (#24 BMW M8 GTE, ninth place): “First of
all I’m happy that a sister automobile got a podium. Unfortunately we
were detrimental unequivocally early in a competition that finished all a hopes for a
good result. That’s a large shame, since we got a unequivocally clever race
automobile today. Once we got into a rhythm, we were using unequivocally strong. I
enjoyed my outing to a US again. It’s always cold to be with a guys
over here.”