Mercedes-Benz Canada

Two guys, one roadster, 1,000 kilometres.

6:14 am. The subsequent morning. Sunrise. There are still 247 days before a finish of a year. And while American singer and beauty idol Jessica Alba will be celebrating her 37th birthday in a few hours, Marc-Remo and Gian instead applaud a Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster. While it was still dark, they stowed their pop-up tents in a trunk, non-stop a automobile top, put 50 miles behind them. They suffer a cold headwind and a energy of a back spindle on a Maloja Pass. It competence have been some-more than 20 bends; by now they’ve mislaid accurate count. What they do know for certain is that they’ll be pushing a pass a few some-more times today. Saturday, blue skies, fever and really small traveller traffic. Today, this here is bliss for any fan of sports cars. The sky is assiduously blue, as if it were enjoying a perspective from above into a cockpit. Only a few wisps of clouds are relocating by a design each now and then. Long, circuitous stretches swap with parsimonious bends. Marc-Remo is during an augmenting detriment for difference and Gian starts to alarm with pleasure, in hunt of a right strain for this highway trip. It sounds like “Unforgettable” again.