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Two guys, one TDI: Driving opposite America in a Beetle TDI

We adore saying friends bond over a prolonged expostulate in a Volkswagen; it’s a partial of a DNA. So when childhood friends Tim Bennett and John Nash, co-hosts of The Focus Group on Sirius XM satellite radio, motionless to embark on a cross-country highway outing from Philadelphia to Las Vegas (with a warn stop over west), we suspicion of a ideal automobile for them. You see, when they were 16, Tim taught John to expostulate in an aged Volkswagen Beetle that, according to John, featured a Flintstone-esque hole in a floorboard. In respect of that experience, we sent them a 2013 Volkswagen Beetle TDI manual six-speed turbo diesel (complete with a code new floorboard).

This wasn’t John’s initial knowledge with a TDI. In fact, his daily motorist is a Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen TDI. Even so, he found a 2013 Beetle knowledge to be “pretty phenomenal.” John explained that a Beetle TDI “drove beautifully and a primer was a delight.” And both Tim and John—who are over 6 feet tall—found a petite Bug to be “as gentle as a automobile can be for 10 hours a day.” John added, “When we see cinema of me disposition opposite a Beetle, I’m taller than a car. But when you’re in it, it felt totally like a cockpit of my Jetta Sportwagen.”

Tim’s daily motorist is a Volkswagen CC, so a Beetle was his initial TDI experience. What did he think? “Lots of energy and lots of low-range torque, though control was also great. It was unequivocally fun to drive.” Tim went on to contend that a 17-inch amalgamate wheels “really done a automobile mount out.”

And they weren’t a usually ones who took notice. “A lot of people pronounced that they desired a new lines of a car—that it looked many some-more neat and modern, many some-more substantial,” explained John. According to Tim, “When we were staying during The Inn of a Turquoise Bear in Santa Fe, New Mexico, each singular guest asked, ‘Who is pushing that code new Beetle—and is it accessible yet?’”

Of course, no highway outing would be finish though a few dining adventures. John stranded to salads for many of a outing though braved a cheesy bratwurst soup in Marietta, Ohio. He admits that it sounds terrible though was indeed delicious. “Bad name, good food.” The pair’s favorite dish was in St. Louis, where they common a deep-dish pizza during Pi. Back during their hotel, they enjoyed an aged Manhattan that had been stored in a cask for a month. Overall, they found St. Louis to be “a fun, urban, unequivocally cold city.” The city got reward points for a famous arch, that John found to be one of a coolest things he saw on a whole trip.

However, Tim’s comprehensive favorite roadside captivate was a “homespun Americana” of a Meramec Caverns, an hour south of St. Louis. “It was a cove debate that attempted to be US Parks Service, though it wasn’t utterly there,” he explained. “It’s a secretly owned cavern that they call a ‘show cave.’” For John, a caverns tied with The Devil’s Rope Museum in McLean, Texas for coolest attraction. “It’s all things spiny wire.” The museum is run by a lady named Alta who said, “I theory we boys wanna see a museum,” before branch on all a lights in a black facility. “She was a really honeyed woman—a lotta fun,” combined John.

Apparently, a friends had so many fun on a highway that they missed a spin en track to their final finish in Las Vegas and wound adult in California. What started out as a16-state highway outing combined an random reward state—very fitting, as Tim’s propitious series is 17. What improved approach to finish a highway outing than with a propitious surprise?

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