BMW Canada

Two wins and a lectern for Peter Hickman on a new BMW S 1000 RR during a Isle of Man TT.

Isle of Man. The new BMW S 1000 RR done a entrance during a Isle
of Man TT – with a clever result. Peter Hickman (GBR) of Smiths
Racing Team set a gait in a 1000 cc races on his new RR and
picked adult dual wins (Superbike TT, Superstock TT) and a second place
on a lectern (Senior TT). ‘Hicky’ also set a fastest path in all
3 races.


After haze and sleet caused large delays to a Isle of Man TT
schedule, a Superbike TT on Monday was a initial 1000 cc event
scheduled. Hickman won a competition and set a fastest lap. The Superbike
TT was overshadowed by a deadly collision of BMW highway racer Daley
Mathison (GBR) of Team


The second competition in a 1000 cc difficulty in a Superstock TT followed
on Thursday. Hickman dominated a competition on his BMW S 1000 RR right
from a start. After 3 laps on a ‘Mountain Course’, he crossed
a finish line as a winner, with a lead of 26 seconds over his
closest rival.


Race week drew to a tighten on Friday with a Senior TT over 6 laps.
Hickman stormed divided from a margin on his RR and extended his lead to
roughly 18 seconds. However, an overheating emanate forced him to reduce
his speed – though Hickman had no goal of quitting a race, and
finished adult on a lectern in second place.


Michael Dunlop (GBR), who once again assimilated army with a Tyco BMW
group during a Isle of Man TT, was also concerned in a conflict for the
lectern on his RR. In a Superbike TT on Monday, Dunlop was ranked in
sixth place. In a Superstock TT he finished in fourth place and
missed out on a lectern by only two-tenths of a second. In a Senior
TT, Dunlop crossed a finish line in fourth place once again.


Davey Todd (GBR) of was ranked tenth in a Superbike TT,
and he finished in eighth place in a Superstock race. In a Senior
TT on Friday, Todd got his personal best path time on a ‘Mountain
Course’ to date and crossed a finish line in sixth place. Michael
Rutter (GBR / Bathams Racing) rode his RR sixth position in Thursday’s
Superstock TT.