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Two youngsters exam for Audi in Formula E

Both Kelvin outpost der Linde and Mattia Drudi have prolonged been partial of a Audi family – despite in a opposite discipline. Drudi assimilated a motorist choice of a Audi Sport patron racing group in Feb 2019 and contested a Spa 24 Hours, among others, during a circle of an Audi R8 LMS. Over a final few months, a 21-year-old has upheld a dual unchanging drivers, Daniel Abt and Lucas di Grassi, with work in a Formula E simulator. Kelvin outpost der Linde (23) – a member of a Audi Sport patron racing group given 2015 – has won a ADAC GT Masters drivers’ pretension twice, a Nürburgring 24 Hours, as good as other continuation races for Audi. 

“The exam is a totally new plea and I’m looking brazen to it. I’ve never driven a single-seater before, so there’s a lot to learn, since a final on Formula E drivers are quite formidable and some-more sundry than in GT racing,” says Kelvin outpost der Linde. “I’ve been following a array for ages and we have beheld how it’s apropos increasingly important, generally in light of meridian discussions. Although we come from South Africa, this will indeed be my initial revisit to another African country.”

After many hours in a practical world, Mattia Drudi now heads into “real life” Formula E. “I’ve always upheld a Formula E plan with my simulator work. It’s cold to now join a Audi group on a competition weekend. I’m looking brazen to operative with this squad,” says Drudi. “I’ll be there a whole weekend and I’m vehement to see what a procedures and a atmosphere are like during a track. On television, a races demeanour unequivocally refreshing and a drivers and fans seem to have a good time. Gaining knowledge in pushing a genuine automobile will also be critical for my work in a simulator.”

The support from a dual rookies is useful for a Audi Sport ABT Schaeffler team, that tackles a fifth Formula E competition of a deteriorate in Marrakesh with a unchanging drivers Daniel Abt and Lucas di Grassi a day before a test. “We are all looking brazen to carrying Mattia and Kelvin on lane in a cars, they have both been in a simulator and will be operative closely with a engineers scheming themselves for a rookie test. They will get lots of time in a car, in fact some-more than Daniel and Lucas will have during a competition day, and we wish to give them a genuine feeling for Formula E, while during a same time assisting us to ready for a subsequent races,” says Team Principal Allan McNish.

The rookie exam on Sunday, Mar 1, 2020, is separate into a morning and afternoon session. Only drivers who have never contested a Formula E competition and who do not reason an E-license are available to take part. 

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