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Universum study: tip places for Audi among immature professionals

Amongst immature employees, Audi is some-more renouned than ever as an employer. This is demonstrated by a Universum rankings of young professionals with adult to eight years of operative experience, that a repository Wirtschaftswoche published today. In those rankings, Audi has achieved tip places among German engineers, business government graduates, IT specialists and natural scientists.

“We offer immature professionals really sparkling tasks and a complicated operative environment,” settled Thomas Sigi, Audi’s Board of Management Member for Human Resources and Labor Relations Director. “Most of a approximately 3,000 designed new recruits for 2014 are already on board. In a future, many of them will support a efforts in a innovative fields of lightweight construction, connectivity and electric mobility. With them, we will figure a mobility of tomorrow,” continued Sigi. The company’s march of enlargement offers many career opportunities to a worldwide employees: “Just recently, we inaugurated a complicated training core in San José Chiapa – a miracle in a growth of a new plant, settled Sigi. When a plant in Mexico goes into operation in 2016, Audi will have a sum of 14 production sites in twelve countries.

The company’s success attracts not usually engineers and graduates in business management, among whom Audi has taken initial place in a Universum study, like final year. The code with a Four Rings is also apropos increasingly renouned among a rarely sought-after IT experts and natural scientists. In a study, a IT professionals voted Audi into an glorious second place, behind Google and forward of Microsoft. This creates Audi a heading vehicle manufacturer in that ranking. Amongst a natural scientists, Audi has changed adult 14 places and is in a top 20 for a first time.

“Young people place value not usually on Audi’s innovative strengths, though also on a corporate culture,” explained Thomas Sigi. “We are an general organisation that acts pragmatically notwithstanding a distance – mostly channel over hierarchical boundaries. We send shortcoming to a employees during an early stage,” settled Sigi. “That awakens creativity and a bravery to go new ways.”

Audi’s recognition as an employer is demonstrated also by stream applicant numbers. By a end of November, some-more pursuit applications were sent to a dual German sites in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm than ever before. As a outcome of this year’s recruitment, a Audi family has grown to a record size: By a finish of a year, approximately 80,000 people will work for a Audi Group worldwide.