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Uwe Hück stairs adult his amicable commitment

“Uwe Hück is a tough competition – both in a fighting ring and during a negotiating table. He’s a bighearted male who doesn’t chop his words. Not usually has he achieved a lot for a Porsche workforce and a company, though also his voice carries a good understanding of weight in multitude and a universe of politics. We honour his preference and wish him all a best for a future,” comments Oliver Blume, Chairman of a Executive Board of Porsche AG.

Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, Chairman of a Supervisory Board of Porsche AG, paid reverence to a Head of a Works Council’s many years of service: “I’ve come to know and value Uwe Hück as being strident and combative, while also carrying a penetrating eye for profitability. we have a good understanding of honour for his bravery and wish him a best of success in his socially focused work!”

Uwe Hück: “I’m a Porsche man, by and through.”

“I trust strongly that democracy thrives on change, though this preference is not one I’ve taken easily,” comments Uwe Hück. “I’m a Porsche man, by and through. But after around 35 years during this intergalactic company, we now wish to dedicate myself wholly to another passion of mine: doing good work with my training foundation! I’ve achieved so most in life, and now it’s time to give something behind to multitude and put myself wholly in a use of assisting disadvantaged children and immature people. My foundation’s work gives me a clarity of fulfilment, and we would like to combine wholly on my amicable projects in a future.” 

Uwe Hück, Oliver Blume, l-r, Zuffenhausen, 2019, Porsche AG

Uwe Hück during an info eventuality in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen

Hück is therefore environment aside his roles on a Supervisory Board and Works Council during Porsche and Volkswagen with evident effect, while remaining a member of a Board of Trustees of a Ferry Porsche Foundation and a Volkswagen Employees’ Foundation. 

Hück’s tasks on a Works Council will be taken over by his prior emissary Werner Weresch until offer notice. Weresch (57) has been employed with a Zuffenhausen-based sports automobile manufacturer given 1985. He has been active in workers’ illustration for decades, and a member of a Porsche AG Supervisory Board given 1998.

Uwe Hück, Werner Weresch, l-r, 2019, Porsche AG

Uwe Hück and Werner Weresch (l-r)

Uwe Hück is a lerned lacquerer. He started his career during Porsche on Apr 1, 1985, and was inaugurated as a Shop Steward in 1987, and afterwards as Head of Shop Stewards in 1994. Hück has been partial of a Porsche Works Council given 1990, and was expelled from his other duties to offer in this purpose from 1994 onward. He took on a bureau of Chairman of a Works Council in Zuffenhausen/Ludwigsburg in 1997. He has been Chairman of a General Works Council of Porsche AG given 2002, and Chairman of a Group Works Council given 2003. Hück has been partial of a Supervisory Board given 1998, and has been Deputy Chairman of a Supervisory Board of Porsche AG given 2010.

Honoured with The Order of Merit of a Federal Republic of Germany in Mar 2017

He has been obliged for or concerned in many ground-breaking decisions in this period, for instance his “contribution to a future” thought done it probable for a Taycan – Porsche’s initial quite electric sports automobile – to be built cost-effectively during a categorical bureau in Zuffenhausen. 

Hück was celebrated with The Order of Merit of a Federal Republic of Germany in Mar 2017 for his joining outward Porsche. In 2013 he founded his possess substructure in Pforzheim, “Lernstiftung Hück”, that supports disadvantaged immature people from a segment by training, training and formation projects.