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Vincent Vosse: “We are really happy to be concerned in DTM”

This Sunday during a Lausitzring, DTM is celebrating a 500th race. Can we remember when we started following DTM?
I watched some DTM races during Zolder in a early 90’s. But what we unequivocally remember was DTM in 1995. This was a time with Alfa Romeo, Mercedes and a Opel Calibra. we was entrance from singular seaters. Jason Watt and Jan Magnussen were tighten friends of mine. They were usually entering DTM with one of them during Alfa Romeo and a other during Mercedes. And those were some good years for a DTM.

Which motorist has tender we a many in a story of DTM ?
Definitely Bernd Schneider – and he still keeps on impressing me.

Have we ever driven a DTM car?
No, unfortunately.

Would we like to representation a new Audi RS 5 DTM?
Yes, this would be interesting. Maybe we should ask Dieter (Gass). At slightest we would not need many element for a insert of a pushing chair …

Do we like a DTM?
The DTM is unequivocally impressive. The racing is unequivocally good and a peculiarity of a teams and a drivers is usually great. For me, this difficulty has a splendid future, since we consider it’s a unequivocally illusory platform.

The initial DTM deteriorate for WRT is already sketch to a close. Was it a right preference to join DTM as a patron team?
Yes, with no doubt. We have a right sourroundings and a guys from Audi did a good pursuit to assistance us. We are unequivocally happy to be concerned in DTM.

Would we cite to see some-more patron teams competing with we in a destiny in DTM?
Yes. This is a intension and this was a goal. The understanding was that we could also have seen a patron group from BMW, that did not occur in a end. If we have one beating from a 2019 season, this would be it.

Apart from a Norisring, your group has scored points in any DTM weekend. Are we happy with a formula so far?
It’s always formidable to contend something like this. we would substantially say: yes, internally we are happy. We have shown some good intensity and we’ve finished fourth and fifth here and there. But we can see that a intensity is also there for a lectern result, that has not happened yet. A lectern would unequivocally have been good and a thought is still there for a final races of a season.

Is this thought picturesque while fighting opposite a bureau teams?
A lectern is not easy to grasp in DTM. But with a intensity of Jonathan (Aberdein) and Pietro (Fittipaldi), it’s unequivocally possible. Take Brands Hatch for example: Jonathan was using in seventh position 3 mins from a end, usually 4 seconds behind a leader. Adding to this, Pietro also set a fastest lap. This gives an thought of how rival we were. Yes: I’m happy with what we have finished adult to now. we could not have approaching this. we would not have been astounded by being tighten behind a 6 bureau Audis in qualifiyng, though we could not have approaching that we would infrequently be in front of them.

Jonathan Aberdein has twice started from a front row. Are we suprised by his opening as a rookie driver?
Both of them have been startling us. Jonathan is easier to see, since he has already competent second twice and was unequivocally tighten to putting a automobile on stick during Assen, though Pietro has also shown clever performances. In a end, it’s a ideal unfolding for us carrying dual rookie drivers. If we had had dual gifted drivers, any awaiting to be during a front, it would have been some-more formidable if we were incompetent to broach a best. We are still training a lot and finding some-more about DTM. We should not consider that we are already there.

What creates DTM so difficult?
For instance a array stops. We’ve been a benchmark in any difficulty that we’ve finished in a past. We are struggeling utterly a lot with a array stops in DTM. You need 4 people who are any entirely involved. The gunners and a wheelmen are so important. Practice is key. When we see a approach we do array stops in GT racing, this is some-more of a earthy exercise. It’s something unequivocally opposite in DTM. You have to sight hard. Every millimeter, any fact has to be covered. It’s so difficult. It will be one of a goals for a winter to work on that. In DTM, everybody has a same element – so it’s unequivocally adult to you.

Has this been a many formidable aspect for we in DTM this year?
This is not a usually thing. Understanding a DTM was a many formidable part. Why was (BMW motorist Marco) Wittmann on stick on Saturday during Brands Hatch and afterwards he usually finished twelfth on Sunday? These are a bizarre things that can occur in DTM and we need to know because they happen. Otherwise, we will always feel like we do not have things underneath control – with we usually being reactive instead of being proactive.

Did we design this or did it come as a warn for you?
I approaching it.