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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivers 285,000 light blurb vehicles adult to a finish of August

Up to a finish of Aug 2015, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 285,000 civic smoothness vans, ride vehicles and pickups to business all over a world. Sales of a code are so during a same turn as final year (January to Aug 2014: 287,000, -0.8 per cent).

On a markets in Western Europe a code achieved a expansion of 0.5 per cent with 189,000 deliveries (188,100). The United Kingdom showed poignant signs of expansion and sales of a code rose there by 15.3 per cent to 32,700 units (28,300).In Germany, deliveries declined – in effect of a indication change of a Caddy and a T array – by 5.1 per cent to 72,500 units (76,300).

In Eastern Europe deliveries by a finish of Aug slowed by 23.61 per cent to 19,000 units (24,900). The Russian marketplace forsaken by 56.6 per cent to 3,700 units.

In a Middle East some-more vehicles were handed over to customers, in fact 23,150 units (15,900) that is an boost of 45.4 per cent. Sales on a many critical Turkish marketplace were 20,600 vehicles (13,600; + 51.4 per cent).

In South America Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 24,300 vehicles (26,500; -8.3 per cent). In Brazil 8,100 vehicles were delivered (12,400, -34.4 per cent). The Argentinian marketplace rose by 12.2 per cent to 12,700 deliveries (11,300).

Sorted by models, worldwide were shipped:

• 112,600 vehicles of a T indication operation (107,700; +4.6 per cent)
• 31,200 vehicles of a Crafter array (30,400; +2.8 per cent)
• 92,200 vehicles of a Caddy indication operation (97,000; -5.0 per cent).
• 48,800 vehicles of a Amarok array (50,500; -3.4 per cent).