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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivers 390,900 vehicles between Jan and October

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles annals a poignant expansion of 9.6 per cent from Jan to Oct with 390,900 worldwide deliveries. High increases were available by: a T indication operation with 163,000 vehicles delivered (+17.1 per cent) and de Caddy indication operation with 131,500 car deliveries (+15 per cent). In a month Oct alone, a code lay good forward of final year’s total with 40,200 vehicles delivered (+14.3 per cent).

“We are blissful to see a invariably certain expansion in Western Europe, proof a work leads to certain results. That is because we design clever smoothness formula for a full year 2016”, explains Bram Schot, Member of a Board of Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles obliged for Sales and Marketing explained. The expansion of a disappearing markets such as South America stays challenging, Schot continues.

In Germany, 102,300 vehicles were handed over to business in a initial 3 buliding of a year (+12.2 per cent). The pivotal European markets of Italy (+49.9 per cent to 9,200 vehicles), Spain (+35.2 per cent to 11,000 vehicles), France (+21.6 per cent to 15,900 vehicles) and Great Britain (+1.2 per cent to 41,500 vehicles) available good increases, too.

In Eastern Europe, 28,100 vehicles were delivered. This is homogeneous to an boost of 12.4 per cent.

Outside Europe, expansion was also available in North America (+21.7 per cent to 6,600 vehicles) and South Africa (+1.5 per cent to 7,200 vehicles).

Deliveries fell by 11.1 per cent to 27,600 vehicles in South America, by 1.5 per cent to 12,500 vehicles in Africa, by 1.2 per cent to 18,000 vehicles in a Asia-Pacific segment and by 1.6 per cent to 27,900 in a Middle-East.

Worldwide deliveries of a code by indication range:

163.000 vehicles from a T indication operation (139,200; +17.1 per cent)
131,500 vehicles from a Caddy operation (114,300; +15.0 per cent)
57,600 vehicles from a Amarok operation (62,600; -8.0 per cent)
38,800 vehicles from a Crafter operation (40,400; -4.1 per cent)