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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles: tellurian deliveries adult 9.1 per cent in a duration Jan – Sep 2016

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 350,800 light blurb vehicles to business around a universe from Jan by Sep 2016. This is homogeneous to an boost of 9.1 per cent. The T and Caddy ranges were quite successful over a initial 9 months of a year, as deliveries of 146,900 Transporter models conform to an boost of 17.3 per cent, while a 117,000 Caddy models delivered to business paint an boost of 12 per cent. With 43,200 vehicles delivered in September, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles also accessible a poignant boost from a smoothness figure for a same month in 2015 (+19.3 per cent).

“Our models are customer-oriented, that is because they are popular”, says Bram Schot, Board Member for Sales and Marketing during Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. “Our clever opening in Western Europe gives us absolute momentum, and we will continue this success with a new Amarok, that has been accessible for sequence during dealerships given this summer, and with a new Crafter, for that allege sales will shortly begin.”

In Germany, 92,000 vehicles were handed over to business in a initial 9 months of a year (+13.7 per cent). The brand’s sales also increasing in a European core markets Italy (+48.9 per cent to 8,100 vehicles), Spain (+38.6 per cent to 10,000 vehicles) and France (+21.9 per cent to 14,200 vehicles).

A sum of 24,700 vehicles were delivered to business in Eastern Europe from Jan by September, that corresponds to a poignant boost of 13.7 per cent.

Deliveries in North America rose by 18.1 per cent to 5,700 vehicles, and a code was also means to record increases in several pivotal particular markets, such as Argentina (+6.6 per cent to 15,500 vehicles) and South Africa (+1.6 per cent to 6,500 vehicles).

Declines in deliveries were accessible in a Asia-Pacific segment (-3 per cent to 16,300 vehicles) and a Middle East segment (-5 per cent to 24,700 vehicles), as good as in Brazil (-29.5 per cent to 6,400 vehicles).

Overview of tellurian deliveries by indication operation (January – Sep 2016):
– 146,900 vehicles from a T indication array (125,200; +17.3 per cent)
– 117,000 vehicles from a Caddy indication array (104,500; +12 per cent)
– 51,800 vehicles from a Amarok indication array (55,600; -6.9 per cent)
– 35,000 vehicles from a Crafter indication array (36,100; -2.9 per cent)