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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has delivered 356,400 lightweight blurb vehicles as during Oct 2015

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has delivered 356,400 vehicles to business a universe over as during a finish of Oct (January to Oct 2014: 363,900; -2.0 per cent) and is so roughly during a turn of a before year. Growth was posted for a Transporter indication range, of that 139,100 vehicles were sole (+1.9 per cent), and for a Crafter indication operation with 40,400 deliveries (+2.9 per cent).

Deliveries declined to 235,400 vehicles in a Western European markets (239,400; -1.6 per cent). 91,200 vehicles were delivered in a initial 10 months of a year (97,400; -6.3 per cent) in Germany. In Spain, sales of a code rose 10.6 per cent in a year-on-year comparison, to 8,200 units (7,400). A substantial boost of 9.0 per cent was also achieved in a United Kingdom with 41,000 deliveries (37,600).

In Eastern Europe, deliveries decreased by 18.7 per cent to 25,000 vehicles as during a finish of Oct (30,700). With 28,300 deliveries, 39.6 per cent some-more vehicles were handed over to business in a Middle East than in a same duration of a before year (20,300). In Turkey, a many critical marketplace in a Middle East, 25,600 vehicles were sole (17,500; +46.4 per cent).

In South America, a series of delivered blurb vehicles of a code fell by 6.4 per cent to 31,300 vehicles (33,500). 10,000 vehicles (15,400; -35.2 per cent) were delivered in Brazil. Growth total were posted with a 18.9 per cent arise in a Argentine market, adding adult to 17,000 deliveries (14,300).

Worldwide, deliveries of a Transporter and Crafter indication ranges increased.
The total during a glance:

● 139,100 vehicles of a Transporter indication operation (136,500; +1.9 per cent)
● 40,400 vehicles of a Crafter indication operation (39,300; +2.9 per cent)
● 114,300 vehicles in a Caddy indication operation (122,900; -7.0 per cent)
● 62,600 vehicles of a Amarok indication operation (63,450; -1.3 per cent)