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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles creates clever start to 2016

Hannover, 10 Mar 2016 – Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered
67,000 vehicles to business in a initial dual months of a year and, as a
result, is clearly above a turn of a prior year (62,750; +6.7 per cent).
In a high-volume marketplace of Western Europe, a code available doubledigit

“We have done a unequivocally considerable start to a new year,” explained Bram
Schot, Member of a Board of Management of a Volkswagen Commercial
Vehicles code obliged for Sales and Marketing. “In Feb alone,
there was a 16.4 per cent boost in deliveries in Germany.” Schot went on
to indicate out that these high total reliable a high application value of the
vehicles for customers.

In Western Europe, a code delivered 45,300 light blurb vehicles of
the Transporter, Caddy, Crafter and Amarok indication ranges in Jan and
February. That represents an boost of 12.3 per cent year on year (40,300).
In a domestic marketplace of Germany, 17,500 vehicles were handed over to
customers (15,900; +10.0 per cent).
The core markets of France (+15.7 per cent), Italy (+38.8 per cent) and Spain
(+24.1 per cent) were also means to clearly transcend final year’s results. In
Eastern Europe, a 4,900 units delivered meant that 2.2 per cent fewer
vehicles were delivered year on year (5,000).

In South America, 6,200 vehicles were handed over to business in a first
two months of a year (6,100; +1.2 per cent). In a box of Brazil, this
means an boost of 6.8 per cent, and for Argentina a arise of 3.2 per cent.
The Middle East segment was also above a prior year’s turn with 4,600
vehicles delivered (4,500; +3.0 per cent). Of this figure, a Turkish market
accounted for 4,100 vehicles (3,900; +5.4 per cent).

Worldwide deliveries in Jan and Feb damaged down by model

● 27,100 vehicles from a T indication operation (24,500; +10.6 per cent)
● 22,200 vehicles from a Caddy operation (20,400; +8.7 per cent)
● 11,800 vehicles from a Amarok operation (11,500; +2.3 per cent)
● 6,000   vehicles from a Crafter operation (6,400; 6.6 per cent)