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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles starts 2015 with expansion in deliveries in a core marketplace of Western Europe


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• Deliveries in Western Europe rose in Jan by 2.8 per cent
• The code increases sales in a German marketplace by 4.8 per cent
• Around 30,600 deliveries worldwide in January

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has started off 2015 with expansion in deliveries in a core European markets: with 19,500 vehicles sole in Western Europe in January, a outcome of a same month final year was outdone by 2.8 per cent.

Especially delightful was a growth in a markets of a United Kingdom (+14.9 per cent) and Spain (+12 per cent). But also in Germany, a highest-volume marketplace for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, a array of deliveries rose by 4.8 per cent compared to a same month final year.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered in Jan a sum of 30,600 vehicles (-3.3 per cent) of a T5, Caddy, Amarok and Crafter indication series. The diminution was essentially due to a formidable horizon conditions in South America and Eastern Europe: in South America, a array of deliveries declined since of a mercantile predicament in pivotal markets. In addition, a prolongation of a T2 was phased out in Brazil during a finish of 2013. With a sum of 3,500 vehicles delivered, sales in a segment are 29.8 per cent reduce compared to a same month final year. A diminution in a array of deliveries in Russia was quite conspicuous in Eastern Europe. The segment posted 2,500 delivered vehicles in January, an altogether diminution of 6.6 per cent.

The Africa segment remained during a same turn as a prior year with 1,500 vehicles sole (-1 per cent); Asia/Pacific posted a diminution of 5.9 per cent with 1,550 vehicles. The Middle East segment started really definitely into a new year: 1,550 vehicles sole here meant an boost of 12.8 per cent. Especially in Turkey, significantly some-more vehicles were delivered than a prior year (+16.1 percent).