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Volkswagen concludes agreement for larger mercantile viability and a some-more secure future

The Board of Management and General Works Council of Volkswagen have sealed a agreement for a destiny in Wolfsburg following constructive negotiations. This agreement will trigger a lapse of a Volkswagen code to a trail of essential growth. The module for a German plants with about 120,000 employees is to significantly urge a competitiveness of a Volkswagen code and to make a association fit for a future. It will lay a substructure for a mutation of Volkswagen from a pristine automaker into a successful mobility use provider in a age of digitalization and augmenting e-mobility. The categorical concentration is on reorientation opposite a whole value stream. By 2020, a Volkswagen code intends to be totally repositioned. Compulsory redundancies are to be released and a workforce is to be reduced in a socially concordant way. At a same time, new jobs are to be combined in future-oriented areas. Specifically, a agreement for a destiny is to have a certain impact on gain of €3.7 billion per year by 2020. Of this figure, a German comforts will comment for €3.0 billion. Over a subsequent few years, investments of about €3.5 billion in future-oriented areas of these comforts are planned. This will outcome in a origination of 9,000 jobs. On a other hand, there is to be a detriment of adult to 23,000 jobs in required areas in Germany, that will be achieved in a socially concordant way.

The Chairman of a Brand Board of Management, Dr. Herbert Diess, said: “With a agreement for a future, Volkswagen will be holding a vital step forwards. The agreement represents a elemental mutation of a value stream, a growth of new competences and vital investment. We will be strengthening a company’s mercantile viability and competitiveness and will be defence a destiny of a plants. The socially concordant detriment of jobs will be equivalent by a origination of jobs in other units.” Diess emphasized that Volkswagen would be concentrating consistently on a destiny of a automotive industry. “We will be transforming a whole code and creation it fit for a elemental mutation of a industry. At Volkswagen, we are holding a destiny into a hands.”

General Works Council Chairman Bernd Osterloh said: “The many critical news is that a workplaces of a permanent workforce will be safeguarded. We have concluded that mandatory redundancies are to be released adult to a finish of 2025. In perspective of what is function during other companies, this is a substantial success in uneasy times. With a agreement for a future, we will be entering a domain of next-generation e-mobility. The new cars formed on a Modular Electric Drive Kit and electric components from a plants will make a German locations pioneers of foundation within a Volkswagen Group. The Works Council has ensured that these future-oriented vehicles will be done in Germany and not in other countries. Of course, a agreement for a destiny has certain and disastrous aspects. However, it represents an excusable concede for both parties, reached after a prolonged struggle. We have now achieved a reasonable result.”

Dr. Karlheinz Blessing, Member of a Board of Management obliged for Human Resources, said: “The doing of a agreement for a destiny will move vital changes for many of a employees. They will need to obtain additional qualifications, learn new ways of operative and assume new responsibilities. But a bid will be worthwhile: we will make Volkswagen slimmer, faster and stronger, defence practice in Germany in a prolonged term.”

The agreement for a destiny that has now been concluded will be a exigency for a successful turnaround of a Volkswagen code and a miracle in achieving and defence a secure destiny in a prolonged term.

In detail, Volkswagen’s agreement for a destiny includes a following items:

• Thanks to assets and potency improvements in all areas and during all locations in Germany, a association expects a certain annual impact on gain of about €3 billion from 2020 onwards. The regions outward Germany will also grasp tolerable improvements in earnings. Through their possess skeleton of action, they will minister about €700 million per year to a agreement for a future. As a result, a sum alleviation in gain will be about €3.7 billion.

• The agreement for a destiny is to urge a capability of a German plants by about 25% and to boost a handling domain to 4 percent by 2020.

• To move Volkswagen to a forefront of a attention in a future-oriented areas of e-mobility and digitalization, a association will be creation a large investment in new technologies. The German plants are to enter a domain of building and producing electric vehicles and components. A commander plant for battery cells and dungeon modules is to be developed. At a same time, a destiny of a required units is to be safeguarded. All in all, Volkswagen will be investing €3.5 billion in a mutation of a company.

• New competences in future-oriented areas are to be grown during a several locations. About 9,000 additional jobs with a secure destiny are to be created. Volkswagen will especially be stuffing these vacancies with existent employees and will also be recruiting specialists from outward a Group. Over a subsequent few years, Volkswagen will be slicing adult to 23,000 jobs around healthy fluctuation and prejudiced early retirement, holding a demographic bend into account. It is specifically settled that this rebate in a workforce will be achieved but mandatory redundancies.

• The agreement for a destiny includes agreements on new future-oriented car products. The plants during Wolfsburg and Zwickau are to assume shortcoming for a prolongation of electric vehicles formed on a Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB). By investing in e-mobility, Volkswagen will emanate jobs with a secure destiny during these locations. In sequence to safeguard fit ability deployment, a serve indication is to be constructed during a Emden plant. At Wolfsburg, an additional Volkswagen Group car will also be produced.

• Future-oriented work is to be divided between a categorical German components plants. Brunswick will continue to furnish a battery complement for a Modular Transverse Toolkit and will also be building and producing a battery complement for a Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB). Kassel is to rise a MEB expostulate complement and to be obliged for a public of a whole complement in further to electric delivery production. Salzgitter will furnish and supply MEB expostulate complement components. In addition, a plant will be building a commander trickery for battery cells and dungeon modules.

Implementation of a agreement for a destiny is to start immediately and a targets mentioned are binding. Progress with a potency alleviation measures and a concluded investment in a destiny will be ceaselessly reviewed over a subsequent 3 years.