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Volkswagen Financial Services business shred of Volkswagen Group continues on expansion path

At a annual press conference, Frank Witter, Chairman of a Board of Management of Volkswagen Financial Services AG, reported on interest of Volkswagen AG on a formula of a Volkswagen Financial Services business shred of a Volkswagen Group. Total resources of a business shred grew in a 2012 financial year by 14 percent to EU 111 billion. The handling outcome climbed 17.1 percent to EU 1.41 billion. “In a past financial year, a Volkswagen financial use companies have taken a large step toward achieving a design of a WIR2018 strategy, namely to turn a world’s heading vehicle financial use provider,” pronounced Frank Witter. “We are flourishing by charity appealing mobility services for expanding patron mandate and usually building a operation of products on offer outward a home market, too.” Volkswagen Financial Services contain alongside Volkswagen Financial Services AG with their compared companies a financial use companies that go directly or indirectly to Volkswagen AG in a U.S., Canada, Argentina and Spain, though not a financial use activities of a Scania, MAN and Porsche brands or Porsche Holding Salzburg.

Portfolio of contracts grows serve

In a 2012 financial year, Volkswagen Financial Services succeeded in boosting a sum series of contracts in a portfolio by 16.9% to 9.64 million. Altogether 3.77 million new contracts were signed, representing an boost of 21%. The series of patron financings increasing in a 2012 financial year and is now worldwide over 4.5 million, of that usually underneath 1.8 million were new contracts. Leasing operations also posted estimable growth. The series of leasing agreements rose to over 1.8 million contracts, of that some 800,000 were new. Lending volume in play financing business came to EU 12.9 billion. The certain trend continued in Insurances and Service. In a 2012 financial year, a series of contracts rose by 21.9% to approximately 3.28 million.

Deposits: New record high

Customer deposits increasing by roughly 5 percent by a finish of a year, reaching a new record high of usually underneath EUR 25 billion. At 31 Dec 2012, a series of approach banking business being served came to around 1.1 million. With a business shred Volkswagen Bank direct, Volkswagen Bank GmbH so reliable a position as one of a heading approach banks in Germany.

New mobility: Customer mandate lonesome opposite all let durations

Volkswagen financial use providers see good intensity in a deployment of new mobility strategies. Frank Witter emphasised a significance of a far-reaching operation of offers:”What distinguishes us is that we cover all patron mandate and so a associated let periods. We offer leasing, long-term rentals, short-term rentals and micro-rentals – all underneath a singular roof.” As examples he cited a car-sharing plan “Quicar”, a recently acquired holding in a Dutch car-sharing marketplace personality Collect Car B.V. (“Greenwheels”), Volkswagen New Mobility Services in China and Euromobil Autovermietung GmbH.

Outlook for 2013

The Volkswagen financial use providers assume that a tellurian economy will continue to enhance in a stream year, with a strongest dynamics approaching in a rising markets, generally in Asia and Latin America. Growth in a large industrial countries will usually be assuage over a mid-term. For Germany in particular, after clever expansion of GNP in a past dual years, usually a really low expansion rate is approaching for a stream year. Against this background, formula in a stream year should distortion somewhere during a turn of a final record year.