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Volkswagen Group achieves pivotal milestones in 2012

The Volkswagen Group successfully mastered a hurdles acted by a formidable marketplace sourroundings in 2012, again posting record automobile sales, sales income and earnings. “Volkswagen is feeling a headwinds –especially in Europe. Nevertheless we sojourn guardedly confident”, pronounced Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of a Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, on Thursday during a display of a Company’s 2012 financial results.

The Volkswagen Group not usually incited in a constrained operational opening in a past mercantile year – it also met a targets for vital vital projects: The Porsche code has been unconditionally owned by Volkswagen given Aug 1, 2012 and Ducati, a mythological motorcycle brand, has now assimilated a Group family. A heading mobility organisation needs a clever blurb vehicles business – and a fondness between MAN, Scania and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles means that a grounds for this has been laid. The launch of a Modular Transverse Toolkit in 2012 ushered in a new epoch in newcomer cars. In addition, Volkswagen became a initial carmaker to dedicate to a CO2 aim of 95g/km by 2020.

CFO Hans Dieter Pötsch was also assured with 2012. “We continued a successful march and serve strengthened a marketplace position interjection to a high profitability”, pronounced Pötsch. “Our flourishing participation in all pivotal markets, a superb code portfolio, a appealing product operation and a extended financial services charity total with a sound finances and forward-looking government are contributing to a systematic doing of a Strategy 2018.”

Group total for 2012

The Volkswagen Group’s sales income increasing by 20.9 percent in mercantile year 2012 to €192.7 billion (previous year: €159.3 billion). Consolidated handling distinction rose somewhat to a record €11.5 billion (€11.3 billion). The combined handling distinction does not embody a €3.7 billion (€2.6 billion) proportional share of a handling distinction available by a Chinese corner ventures. These companies are enclosed in a combined financial statements regulating a equity process and are therefore reflected in a Group’s financial result, that rose by €6.3 billion final year to €14 billion. The alleviation in a financial outcome is essentially attributable to noncash effects of €12.3 billion from a final gratefulness of a put/call rights relating to Porsche as of Jul 31, 2012, as good as from a remeasurement of a existent shares of Porsche hold during a grant date. All in all, a Volkswagen Group’s distinction before taxation final year rose by approximately €6.6 billion to €25.5 billion. Profit after taxation amounted to €21.9 billion (€15.8 billion).

In perspective of a Company’s continued success, a Board of Management and a Supervisory Board will be proposing to a Annual General Meeting on Apr 25, 2013 to boost a multiplication to €3.50 (€3.00) per typical share and €3.56 (€3.06) per elite share.

At 16.6 percent, a lapse on investment for a Automotive Division was down somewhat on a prior year (17.7 percent), essentially as a outcome of a boost in invested capital, though was still significantly above a smallest compulsory rate of lapse of 9 percent. The lapse on equity in a Financial Services Division declined somewhat to 13.1 percent (14.0 percent). “We aim to guarantee a peculiarity of a gain for a prolonged term. In this context, we will take caring to serve boost profitability in all regions and to settle ourselves on new enlargement markets”, pronounced Pötsch.

Net liquidity in a Automotive Division remained sound during €10.6 billion during a finish of Dec 2012 (year-end 2011: €17.0 billion). This gives a Group a required financial fortitude and coherence to evenly exercise a Strategy 2018. Reasons for a decrease embody a grant in full of Porsche’s automotive business, a merger of Ducati and a increasing interest in MAN SE. The ratio of collateral output to sales income rose somewhat (0.4 commission points) to 5.9 percent. In serve to a prolongation facilities, Volkswagen invested essentially in a enlargement and ecological concentration of a indication range, and in a modularization of a automobile concepts.

Brands and business fields

Despite a tough environment, a Volkswagen Group outperformed a marketplace in 2012, flourishing in roughly all pivotal regions. Deliveries climbed 12.2 percent to 9.3 million vehicles. This saw a Group’s tellurian share of a newcomer automobile marketplace arise to 12.8 percent (12.3 percent).

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars code delivered 5.7 million vehicles to customers, an boost of 12.7 percent compared with a prior year. The brand’s handling distinction amounted to €3.6 billion (€3.8 billion), down 4.1 percent year-on-year. This was due in partial to upfront expenditures for a Modular Transverse Toolkit and startup costs for a new Golf.

2012 was another record year for a Audi brand, that delivered 1.5 million (1.3 million) vehicles. Operating distinction rose somewhat by 0.6 percent to €5.4 billion (€5.3 billion) and a brand’s handling lapse on sales was 11.0 percent (12.1 percent).

ŠKODA’s sales increasing by 6.8 percent to 939,000 (879,000) vehicles. At €712 million (€743 million), handling distinction was down somewhat on a prior-year figure due to marketplace factors.

Deliveries by a SEAT code declined by 8.3 percent in 2012 to 321,000 (350,000) cars. The handling detriment was cut by €69 million to €156 million.

Bentley delivered 8,510 (7,003) vehicles, 21.5 percent some-more than in 2011. Its handling distinction climbed to €100 million (€8 million)

Sports automobile manufacturer Porsche sole 60,000 vehicles and generated an handling distinction of €946 million in a 5 months of a full converging in a Volkswagen Group (from Aug 1, 2012).

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 550,000 (529,000) units, an boost of 4.1 percent. Operating distinction declined by 6.1 percent to €421 million (€449 million).

Scania available a 15.9 percent decrease in deliveries to 67,000 (80,000) trucks and buses. Its handling distinction declined from €1.4 billion to €930 million. MAN delivered 134,000 trucks and buses and reported an handling distinction of €808 million.

Volkswagen Financial Services generated an handling distinction of €1.4 billion (€1.2 billion) in 2012. The multiplication sealed 3.8 million new finance, leasing and service/insurance contracts around a world, 21.0 percent some-more than in a prior year.


Volkswagen is starting 2013 from a position of strength, notwithstanding worse foe and formidable mercantile conditions. Excluding MAN and Scania, 1.4 million vehicles were delivered worldwide in a initial dual months of a year. At 8.3 percent, a Group grew some-more strongly than a market. “Volkswagen has all it needs to continue a successful arena of new years even underneath opposite circumstances”, pronounced Winterkorn, adding: “We wish to lead a Volkswagen Group to a tip of a automotive attention by 2018 – profitably, sustainably and permanently.” In 2013, a Volkswagen Group’s brands will launch a vast series of fascinating new models and so assistance serve enhance a clever position on a tellurian markets.

Winterkorn was guardedly assured that a Group will outperform a marketplace as a whole and deliveries to business will increase. However, Volkswagen is not totally defence to a heated foe and a impact this has on business. The modular toolkit system, that is being invariably expanded, will have an increasingly certain outcome on a Group’s cost structure. The Volkswagen Group’s 2013 sales income is approaching to surpass a prior-year figure.

Given a ongoing doubt in a mercantile environment, a idea for handling distinction is to compare a prior-year turn in 2013. Positive effects from a appealing indication operation and clever marketplace position will be tempered by increasingly unbending foe in a severe marketplace environment. Disciplined cost and investment government and a continual optimization of Volkswagen’s processes sojourn an constituent partial of a Strategy 2018.

Further information on a Annual Media Conference and Investor Conference can be accessed here.