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Volkswagen Group Forum DRIVE opens in Berlin

The Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft will be opening a new communication platform, a Volkswagen Group Forum DRIVE, in Berlin on 1 May 2015. Following endless remodelling with a totally new design, a former Automobil Forum on a travel Unter basement Linden will free with all twelve Group brands as good as a Volkswagen Financial Services AT underneath one roof. With changing exhibits and staging, a chateau will offer a visitors a glance into a different visions and topics of a Volkswagen Group. DRIVE welcomes a guest with a new culinary programme as good as complicated gathering facilities.

“Our Group is a largest association in Europe. As an employer, taxpayer and innovator, it is located right in a center of a society,” pronounced Stephan Grühsem, General Representative of Volkswagen AG for Group communication, outmost family and financier relations. “The Volkswagen Group Forum gives us a event to serve inform a mercantile and amicable role. Here in a heart of a capital, we wish to settle a stability discourse with people.”

The Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ducati, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Scania and MAN brands will all be presenting themselves in a destiny underneath one roof in DRIVE. The brands will take turns presenting three-month exhibits, any exploring a sold emanate in mobility. Star products will be henceforth displayed in other muster areas.

In a initial exhibit, all a Group brands will benefaction particular themes in their possess boxes underneath a sign “START –The universe of a Volkswagen Group”. Interacting with digital exhibits, a visitors will learn both a past and benefaction of a Volkswagen Group. The Living Book, a multimedia installation, provides information about other sites to revisit such as a Transparent Factory in Dresden. In addition, special exhibits and informative events will be open to a open during a year.

Interactive installations in a permanent Financial DRIVE vaunt beam a caller into a universe of Volkswagen Financial Services AG, providing information about automotive financial services as good as a company’s mobility programme. It is probable to make an appointment with an confidant on a second building of a building. In further to Germany’s initial emporium with indication cars from Volkswagen Group brands, a investiture offers a new culinary concept: a civic eatery Brotzeit reinterprets a Berliner open-faced sandwich, and a cook Philipp Liebisch offers diners superb dishes in a Zeitgeist restaurant.

Volkswagen Immobilien GmbH is portion as a ubiquitous executive of a project, and was obliged for a altogether planning, plan government and construction work. Professor Christoph Mäckler Architekten is a design organisation obliged for a renovations.

DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum

The Volkswagen Group Forum DRIVE is a Group’s communication height in Berlin. Since 2015, a Volkswagen Group is presenting a twelve brands and a Financial Services AG together for a initial time anywhere in a Lindencorso in a heart of a capital. With changing exhibits with varying themes by swapping brands, DRIVE is a Group’s height for issues in mobility, supplementing a multifaceted ancillary programme. Various bedrooms with a latest apparatus are accessible for meetings, conferences and talks. The site of a stream Lindencorso was primarily home to a mythological Café Bauer, one of a initial houses in a Viennese coffee chateau character in Berlin. After a building was totally broken during World War Two, a new structure called a Lindencorso was built in a place, that served as a grill and bureau block. The DDR Academy of Architecture also took adult chateau on a top building of a building. The edifice was demolished again in 1993. Construction on a stream Lindencorso was finished after 3 years.