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Volkswagen Group has best media picture among Germany’s vital companies


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• Dax 30 Reputation Award presented

• Special regard for CSR communications

Among Germany’s many critical publicly quoted companies, a Volkswagen Group has a best picture in a media. This is a outcome of an investigate carried out by media investigate Institute Media Tenor International, that presents a Dax 30 Reputation Award. The endowment is being handed over during a Agenda Setting Conference 2015 in Vienna today.

Over a duration of 12 months, a Swiss media experts analyzed about 87,000 reports in 50 general print, radio and TV media. 12 criteria were assessed, trimming from altogether prominence and participation of a CEO to a farrago of value drivers. Volkswagen scored heavily in a categories of altogether visibility, altogether tonality and a farrago of value drivers. Especially with honour to communications on tellurian resources matters and a Group’s many and sundry activities in a margin of corporate amicable responsibility, Volkswagen was means to benefaction itself as an bulletin setter.

Stephan Grühsem, General Representative of Volkswagen AG and Head of Group Communications, External Relations and Investor Relations, emphasized: “The digitalization of communications has led to totally opposite opinion moulding processes and patron decisions. One example: in future, some-more and some-more people will feel that it is critical for their possess code to have a convincing joining to society. The doubt of either a association has shouldered a amicable shortcoming is only as critical for customers, employees and other stakeholders as product peculiarity or pursuit security. This is because we have determined a dedicated group of communications experts generally for CSR topics.”

This proceed is upheld by a new investigate “CSR Index 2015” of a Swiss association InnoVatio Publishing, that forms partial of Media Tenor International. Editor Francis Quinn: “It is apropos increasingly critical for companies to clearly conclude what they meant by CSR and how it is being leveraged for their business growth.” Media Tenor owner Roland Schatz: “Nowadays, companies contingency dedicate to a latest environmental, amicable and governance standards and promulgate this joining in a convincing way. This has already turn partial of Volkswagen’s DNA.”