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Volkswagen has combined about 123,000 new jobs given 2007, including 44,000 in Germany

Since 2007, a workforce of a Volkswagen Group has grown by about 248,000 employees, representing a arise of 76 percent. This boost includes 123,000 new jobs combined via a universe and around 125,000 employees of companies newly integrated into a Group. As of a finish of 2013 (figures for Nov 30, 2013), a Volkswagen Group has about 573,000 employees, including some 260,000 in Germany. This is some-more than ever before.

“Volkswagen continues to be successful. Our cars make business eager and this success is also reflected by employment,” pronounced Dr. Horst Neumann, Member of a Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft obliged for Human Resources. “The series of employees has grown strongly over a past 6 years. At a same time, we have also significantly softened a capability and earnings.”

In 2007, when a Group adopted a Strategy 2018 with a new government team, a Volkswagen Group had around 325,000 employees via a world. Some 573,000 people now work for a Group. This boost of 248,000 employees includes about 123,000 newly combined jobs, roughly 44,000 of them in Germany. 125,000 employees came to a Group with Scania, MAN, and Porsche Holding Salzburg, as good as Porsche AG and Ducati.

“The Volkswagen Group is a clever and arguable engine for practice in Germany and Europe as good as via a world. Management and worker deputy bodies have successfully integrated a new employees and a new brands in a Volkswagen family. This is a important achievement,” pronounced Human Resources Board Member Dr. Neumann.

“Volkswagen offers all employees particular support, secure jobs and good remuneration. Surveys endorse that we are among Germany’s tip employers. We are investing strongly in a youth staff and defence a future-oriented inlet of a Group. In future, Volkswagen will continue to offer performance-oriented immature people superb career entrance and growth opportunities,” Dr. Neumann emphasized.

As of a finish of November, a Volkswagen Group employed about 260,000 people (end of 2012: 249,000) in Germany alone, with a brands Audi, MAN, Porsche, Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Volkswagen Financial Services AG. Throughout a world, about 573,000 people (end of 2012: 550,000) were employed by a Group.