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Volkswagen is pushing digitalization brazen – Group Communications sets adult territory for tellurian digitalization strategy

The Volkswagen Group is pushing digitalization brazen in all areas, including communications. As partial of a “Future Tracks” initiative, a Company is therefore environment adult a territory dedicated to a tellurian digitalization plan of a Group’s communication activities. As Stephan Grühsem, General Representative of Volkswagen AG and Head of Group Communications, External Relations and Investor Relations, underscored: “The gait of amicable and technological creation will turn even faster. Digitalization is a pivotal cause in this context, a cause we intend to proactively figure for a communications sector.”

The Chairman of a Group Works Council of Volkswagen AG, Bernd Osterloh, commented: “Digital technologies are perspicacious low into a company, and into a universe of a business and employees. There is an huge innovative force behind these changes. Group Communications has a expertise to strap that power. The works legislature will make an active grant here to serve strengthening inner and outmost communication.”

According to Grühsem: “For communications in a tellurian organisation such as Volkswagen, digitalization means mastering well-developed hurdles during tip speed. The common means of communication, some of them traditional, no longer sufficient to do that.”

Effective Apr 1, 2015, Michael Brendel will conduct a “Global Digitalization Strategy” section, stating approach to Grühsem. Brendel (44) hold government posts during several news agencies before fasten Volkswagen in 2008, where he has been Head of Corporate Business Communications for a Group and a Volkswagen code given 2012.

His inheritor is Andreas Lampersbach (52), now Head of Corporate Communications during MAN SE. A counsel and journalist, Lampersbach was departmental conduct during a daily journal in Hanover and headed communications operations during EXPO before fasten MAN in 2001. He has led tellurian communications during a Munich-based blurb car and engineering organisation given 2009. In his new function, he reports approach to Stephan Grühsem.