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Volkswagen is Germany’s many appealing employer

Volkswagen is Germany’s many appealing employer. This is a outcome of a consult of about 13,000 people operative in 17 sectors conducted by Focus news repository and a Xing veteran and career network.

The consult primarily lonesome 820 companies with 1000 or some-more employees. Statisticians interviewed employees on knowledge with their employers around Xing, noticed opinions on a Internet and took awards into account.

In a second theatre of a survey, 6300 employees from 17 sectors were asked for their comment of employers. Participants could give assessments of their possess employers and companies in a same zone on that they felt efficient to voice an opinion. Following this stage, 379 companies were still in a running. Volkswagen took initial place not usually in a possess zone though also in a consult as a whole.

“At Volkswagen, learned workers and engineers, managers and Works Council members form a clever team. Our cars beget unrestrained among a customers,” pronounced Dr. Horst Neumann, Member of a Board of Management of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft obliged for tellurian resources. He underscored: “We offer a employees first-class training and a accumulation of growth possibilities. Each particular worker can be certain that good opening and business success will compensate during Volkswagen.”

Commenting on a study, a editor-in-chief of “Focus”, Jörg Quoos, said: “The strength of a consult is that we talk a people who know companies best, their employees.”

Each year, a Volkswagen Group recruits about 10,000 new university graduates as good as some-more than 3,500 apprentices.

There are a accumulation of entrance possibilities including a StartUp Direct and StartUp Cross trainee schemes, a module for doctoral students, approach entrance for people with some-more than 3 years’ knowledge and opportunities for internships, investigate projects and undergraduate theses.

  Applicants from disciplines including a following have good prospects: Electric traction, lightweight design, car electronics, mechatronics, electrical engineering, mechanism science, automatic engineering, automotive engineering, sciences, industrial engineering and economics and business studies.

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