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Volkswagen launches new general selling debate “Think Blue.Book.”

The TV blurb for a eco up! Is ushering in Volkswagen’s new selling debate as partial of a “Think Blue.” sustainability approach. Other spots are due to follow over a subsequent few months, presenting Volkswagen’s new fuel-efficient, low-emission models in a “Think Blue.Book.” campaign. The debate will also uncover how a “Think Blue.” proceed is used by Volkswagen.

Following on from a prototype debate “Think Blue.Symphony.”, “Think Blue.Book.” will underline a decidedly witty proceed to a subject of sustainability. In terms of pattern and dramaturgy, a leitmotiv is a book that presents a advantages of a new healthy gas runabout eco up! in a initial mark with a sign “Great range. For small money.“.

In a commercial, a eco up! moves by an civic landscape consisting of paper, combined as a haptic indication and remade into 3-D by CGI (computer-generated imagery). The stop-motion technique has been used for a intro and a shutting scene. This technique involves a use of particular images of still objects that emanate a apparition of suit when noticed in a series. At a end, a spectator realizes that a pushing scenes have all taken place within a book shown during a beginning. Musically, a shave is underscored by a contemporary interpretation of a Beach Boys’ classical “Wouldn’t it be nice”.

“We are unapproachable of a new “Think Blue.” campaign, since it presents in a witty approach a self-assurance that it is easy and can even be fun to safety a sourroundings and live sustainably,” Jürgen Stackmann, Head of Marketing of a Volkswagen Group and a Volkswagen Passenger Cars code explains. “Think Blue.Book.” Is another miracle in a efforts to worsen open recognition for sustainability and to uncover how we are shouldering a responsibilities as an automaker.” The blurb for a eco up! is creation a entrance on German TV on Mar 25. The artistic group BlackBoard Berlin hold a bill for a clip.

Further information on a debate and a eco up! spot

Premiere: Mar 25, 2013 on N24

Production: Bakery Films, Hamburg

Creative agency: BlackBoard Berlin

Director: Florian Sigl

Music: “Wouldn’t it be good (composed by Wilson-Asher-Love; cover chronicle by Tiziano Lamberi)

Film techniques: stop-motion, CGI

Duration of shooting: 9 days

Other spots in campaign: e.g. Jetta Hybrid or Golf TDI/TGI BlueMotion