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Volkswagen creates offer: aloft pay, apprenticeships, discussions on destiny of work


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• Pay might boost by 2.2 percent

• Commitment to 1,400 apprenticeships per year

• Chief adjudicator Rosik: “We contingency not remove steer of a rival cost structure.”

During a second turn of negotiations on a company’s common agreement hold today, Volkswagen submitted a extensive offer to a IG Metall trade union. The offer consists of 3 categorical elements: simple compensate is to arise by

2.2 percent; a Group will dedicate to formulating 1,400 apprenticeships per year in 2015 and 2016; a constructive discourse with IG Metall on a destiny of work will already start in a initial half of a year.

The personality of a Volkswagen negotiating committee, Martin Rosik, Head of Human Resources of a Volkswagen Passenger Car brand, pronounced in Hanover: “Our association is committed to good, secure jobs in Germany. Our joining includes an open discourse concerning a destiny of work. This will minister to Volkswagen’s ‘Future Tracks‘ program.” Rosik added: “In creation this offer, we have taken into care a increasingly formidable altogether mercantile conditions in many markets. Volkswagen can't shun from these uncertainties. At a same time, Volkswagen employees contingency not be placed in a worse position than those of a competitors.” He explained that a simple compensate offer formed on a stream negotiations for a informal compensate agreement was therefore an suitable approach. The compensate boost offering underneath a common agreement of Volkswagen could request until a finish of Feb 2016.

Rosik pronounced that apprenticeships were also an component in defence a destiny and competitiveness. “We offer many immature people a viewpoint and will continue to do so.”

A date for a delay of negotiations is still to be set. The common agreement of Volkswagen AG relates to about 115,000 employees during a Wolfsburg, Brunswick, Hanover, Salzgitter, Emden and Kassel plants as good as Volkswagen Financial Services AG.