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Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivers 1.48 million vehicles in duration to March

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars code delivered 1.48 (1.50; -1.3 percent) million vehicles to business in a initial entertain of this year. 558,600 (563.600; -0.9 percent) vehicles were delivered in a month of March. “The perfectionist conditions on markets in South America, above all Brazil, and on a Russian marketplace again impacted a smoothness opening of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, a core brand, in March. In contrast, a code gained belligerent – in some cases utterly significantly – in Western Europe, quite in Spain, UK and Germany”, Christian Klingler, Board Member for Sales and Marketing for a Volkswagen Group and a Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand, commented in Wolfsburg on Tuesday.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 430,300 (422,400; +1.9 percent) vehicles on a altogether European marketplace in a initial quarter, of that 237,500 (225,100; +5.5 percent) units were handed over in Western Europe (excluding Germany). Developments in a home marketplace of Germany were also positive, with a code delivering 144,100 (133,100; +8.3 percent) new vehicles to business there. 48,600 (64,100; -24.3 percent) vehicles were handed over to business in Central and Eastern Europe during a same period. The association delivered 18,100 (34,300; -47.2 percent) units in Russia.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 735,400 (740,100; -0.6 percent) vehicles to business in a Asia-Pacific segment in a duration to March. 678,400 (682,700; -0.6 percent) units were handed over in China (incl. Hong Kong). The code delivered 136,400 (135,800; +0.4 percent) units in a North America region, of that 79,200 (87,300; -9.3 percent) new models were handed over to their owners in a United States. In a South America region, deliveries for a duration to Mar declined to 128,600 (151,700; -15.2 percent) units, of that 98,000 (119,600; -18.1 percent) were handed over to business in Brazil.