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• Interactive versions of a Annual Report 2012 and a Navigator

On a arise of a Annual Media Conference on Mar 14, 2013, a Volkswagen Group is edition a latest Annual Report and a “Navigator” contribution and total leaflet as apart interactive apps. These digital apps yield users with approach entrance to information and a operation of interactive facilities about a Volkswagen Group universe that can be downloaded to mobile devices.

The repository territory of a endowment winning and most acclaimed Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft Annual Report contains stories from a Group universe underneath a sign of “Experience D(r)iversity”. The iPad app, that is accessible as a giveaway download from a Apple App Store, transforms a repository into a multi-media experience: Films, sounds, design galleries and animations element a journalistic articles on brands, markets and vehicles. The financial territory specifically optimized for a iPad facilities user-friendly navigation that facilitates retrieval of pivotal opening information and information. The app is accessible in English and German. 3st kommunikation in Mainz is obliged for a artistic work.

“For Volkswagen, digital applications play a really critical purpose in corporate communications” says Stephan Grühsem, General Representative of Volkswagen AG, Head of Group Communications, External Relations and Investor Relations. “Our Group publications do not only make fascinating reading, though can be remade into a holistic knowledge by relocating images, authentic sound bites and interactive elements. This gives them an wholly new quality”.

The Volkswagen Navigator, a collection of pivotal contribution and total on a Group, is accessible as an app for a initial time during this year’s Annual Media Conference. One prominence of this interactive chronicle accessible for tablets and desktops is a universe map presenting a Group, a sites, brands and models to a user. The Navigator app can be downloaded from The AKQA group in Berlin binds shortcoming for a Navigator app budget.

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