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Volkswagen rolls out 3D intelligent eyeglasses as customary equipment


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• Launch following successful commander devise with Wolfsburg plant logistics

• Roll-out in a area of sequence picking

At Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg plant, a roll-out of 3D intelligent eyeglasses as customary apparatus has now started following a three-month commander phase. Plant logistics crew are to use these eyeglasses for sequence picking. The design is to serve urge routine confidence in production.

The advantages of 3D intelligent eyeglasses are evident: users automatically accept all a information they need such as storage locations or partial numbers directly in their margin of vision. Touch or voice control allows intensely easy operation. As a ubiquitous principle, users have both their hands giveaway while they are working. The camera in a eyeglasses is also used as a barcode reader. Correct barcodes on tools private from a storage plcae are shown in immature while tools wrongly private are shown in red.

Reinhard de Vries, Head of Plant Logistics during Wolfsburg, said: “Digitalization is apropos increasingly critical in production. The 3D intelligent eyeglasses take team-work between humans and systems to a new level.”

The use of a 3D eyeglasses is intentional and a employees endangered are gradually being introduced to a new technology. After a brief reworking period, new employees can afterwards be familiarized some-more rapidly. Currently, 30 employees in several areas such as windshields or driveshafts are operative with a intelligent glasses. In perspective of a certain knowledge obtained, other departments, plants and brands also devise to use a glasses.

Works Council member Mario Kurznack-Bodner: “The advantages of new record like a intelligent eyeglasses can usually be assessed effectively if we can check them out in normal prolongation operation. The colleagues endangered proceed a record but any preconceived notions. Apart from health, reserve and occupational medicine criteria, it is critical to a Works Council that feedback from employees should be taken adult and reflected in bland work.”