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Volkswagen to designate Dr. Hessa al Jaber to a Supervisory Board


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• Dr. Hessa al Jaber to be nominated for choosing to a Supervisory Board during Annual
  General Meeting on Jun 22
• Appointment of portion Chairman of a Supervisory Board Hans Dieter Pötsch to the
  Supervisory Board to be confirmed

The Board of Management and Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG are nominating Dr. Hessa al Jaber for choosing by shareholders to a Supervisory Board. Dr. Hessa al Jaber is to take bureau on a Supervisory Board on interest of Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), next Akber al Baker. The Supervisory Board wishes to appreciate Mr. al Baker for his tighten team-work in a suggestion of trust.

An engineer, Ms. al Jaber complicated during a Kuwait University and George Washington University, and has served as Minister of Information and Communications Technology in Qatar given 2013. She will be a initial lady to paint a State of Qatar on a Supervisory Board of an general group.

Following a choosing of Ms. al Jaber alongside Annika Falkengren, President and Chief Executive Officer of a Swedish SEB AB, and businessman Dr. Louise Kiesling, 3 of a 10 shareholder representatives’ offices on a Supervisory Board will be hold by women. This would grasp a 30% gender share in force in Germany given a start of this year.

Shareholders authorised to opinion during a Annual General Meeting on Jun 22 are to strictly endorse a appointment of Chairman of a Supervisory Board Hans Dieter Pötsch to a Supervisory Board following his appointment by a Braunschweig District Court in Oct 2015.