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VWSA appoints initial Female Production Unit Head


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● First Female Unit Head in Production
● Paint Shop to be led by initial Female Production Unit Head

1 Mar 2016, noted a poignant day during Volkswagen South Africa (VWSA) as Faith Lelaka, took adult a position of Unit Head of a Paint Shop. This is a initial time a black lady has been allocated during this turn in a Production environment.

Faith started as an in-service trainee in Feb 1999 and has spent many of her Volkswagen career in and around a Paint Shop. In 16 years she has worked her approach from a technician in a Process Lab to a Production Line and into comparison government position. “I realised early on that we indispensable to be concerned in as many aspects of a pursuit as probable and if that meant removing into a tank to magnitude paint levels or using mixed exam to check paint viscosity, that’s what we was going to do.” remarked Faith.

Faith has been married for 10 years and has 4 children. So she knows what it is like to juggle work and home life. She places a good understanding of importance on family life and says that “finding a change between home and work is a plea that she is constantly operative on.”

When asked how she felt about a appointment, Faith commented: “I am celebrated and shamed by a approval we have perceived by this appointment. we am wakeful of a hurdles that distortion ahead. As a new personality of this group we know that a personality is only a group member with a bit some-more shortcoming – being a partial of a group is a core Volkswagen Value.”

“As a association we are unapproachable to have Faith in a Volkswagen Team. Her imagination in a Paint Process ensures that the business both internal and abroad will continue to buy good Polos. We honour her and wish her good on this subsequent leg of her Volkswagen journey”, pronounced Thomas Schaefer Chairman and Managing Director of Volkswagen South Africa.