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Walter Maria de Silva takes retirement

Walter Maria de Silva (64), Head of Group Design, is timid with outcome from a finish of November. De Silva insincere pattern shortcoming for all newcomer automobile brands within a Volkswagen Group in Feb 2007. Walter de Silva will continue his links with a Group in an advisory capacity.

Walter Maria de Silva was innate in Lecco (Italy) on Feb 27, 1951 and assimilated a Volkswagen Group 17 years ago when he became Head of a SEAT Design Centre in 1998. He was put in assign of a pattern of a Audi code group, including a brands Audi, Lamborghini and SEAT, in 2002. His new pattern denunciation with Audi was epitomized by a 6th era of a Audi A6 and Audi A5 Coupé. He was allocated Head of Group Design during Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft in 2007. Walter de Silva saw a categorical concentration of his work as pattern arch in substantiating and nurturing a common pattern enlightenment opposite all brands, that but allows any code to keep a high grade of artistic autonomy.

The CEO of Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft, Matthias Müller, paid reverence to Walter de Silva’s work with these words: “Walter de Silva epitomizes creativity and a Italian clarity of beauty and character on a one palm and thoroughness, a systematic proceed and fortify on a other.” Acknowledging de Silva’s decisive achievements for Volkswagen, Müller said: “Walter de Silva succeeded in substantiating a pattern enlightenment and methodology opposite all Group brands that is singular in a industry. At a same time, he was a pushing force in preserving a high grade of artistic liberty for a brands and their pattern departments.”

The superb vehicles combined by de Silva embody a Alfa 156 (1997) and 147 (2001), a Volkswagen up!, a Polo and a Golf 6 and 7, a Audi R8 and a Audi A5, about that de Silva pronounced that it was “the many pleasing car” he had ever designed.

Walter de Silva perceived countless pattern awards for his work, including a “Design Prize of a Federal Republic of Germany 2010,” a top central eminence awarded for pattern in Germany, for a pattern of a Audi A5. He perceived a “Compasso d’Oro” (Golden Compass), one of a many prestigious pattern awards in Italy, in 2011. An general consultant row described Walter de Silva as a “undisputed categorical protagonist of Italian design” and awarded him a esteem for a career travelling over forty years.

De Silva began his veteran career during a Fiat Design Centre in Turin in 1972. He assimilated Studio R. Bonetto in Milan in 1975. De Silva was Head of a Industrial Design and Automobiles Area during a Instituto Idea in Turin from 1979 to 1986. After a brief army operative for “Trussardi Design Milano,” he switched to Alfa Romeo in 1986, where he was Head of Design until 1998. De Silva determined a new pattern truth of a code with a Alfa Romeo 156 (1997).