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Warm-up laps in Italy: The new BMW 8 Series Coupe undergoes car dynamics contrast on a racetrack.

Munich. With a display of a BMW Concept 8
Series, BMW already offering a close-to-series glance during a pattern of
their new oppulance shred sports car. The energetic qualities of a new
BMW 8 Series Coupe are now also clearly manifesting themselves. A
close-to-series antecedent is now undergoing complete contrast on
a high-speed proof belligerent in Aprilia, Italy. The tests offer in
sold to optimise a vehicle’s pushing dynamics on surfaces with
a high attrition fellow and symbol nonetheless a serve wilful theatre on
a approach to a launch of a new BMW 8 Coupe during 2018. 

The exam drives are being carried out with a heavily camouflaged
prototype, that but gives clever denote of a new BMW 8
Series Coupe’s standard sports automobile proportions. As in a box of the
BMW Concept 8 Series, a boldly stretched lines, a flat
conformation and a absolute front and back ends give a foretaste of
a fascinatingly sporty pushing experience.

This sense is reliable with any path finished on a proving
belligerent in Italy. With a around 4 kilometres prolonged oval circuit,
including high bends, a area situated in a vicinity of Rome
offers above all a ideal conditions for high-speed and high
attrition fellow tests. Moreover, a acceleration, braking and
steering poise of a new sports automobile are analysed on circuits,
slalom courses and opposite highway surfaces. The rarely perfectionist test
programme facilitates a targeted harmonisation of all expostulate and
cessation systems. The new BMW 8 Series Coupe has shown that it
offers limit lively and pointing in rarely dynamics situations.
Likewise, a automobile is also means to accommodate a top final in terms of
leverage and comfort.

“The exam drives underneath a many serious conditions uncover that we are
right on aim with a judgment for a new BMW 8 Series Coupe. The
automobile dynamics values already achieved are positively impressive.
Our business and fans can demeanour brazen to a genuine sports car,” says
Klaus Fröhlich, member of a house of a BMW AG, Development and
Research, who oversees a exam programme in Italy.

The high automobile dynamics intensity formula from an extraordinary
tighten tie between motorsports and array production. The new
BMW 8 Series Coupe is being grown together to and in close
coordination with a BMW M8 and a BMW M8 GTE racing car. Whilst the
antecedent of a prolongation indication is undergoing continuation tests, the
teams, that are upheld by BMW Motorsport, are now preparing
in Daytona (USA) for a initial racetrack use of a BMW M8 GTE. On
27/28 January, a BMW M8 GTE will make a racing entrance during the
Daytona 24-hour race. In Jun 2018, it will afterwards attend in the
24-hour competition during Le Mans. The believe gained there and during numerous
other racing events in a FIA WEC and a IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar
Championship (IWSC) in North America will directly advantage series
growth of a BMW 8 Series Coupe.

Likewise, a expertise gained during training and on a racetrack
will allege growth of a new BMW M8. In Jun 2017, a prototype
of this new indication from a BMW M GmbH was already presented during the
24-hour competition on a Nürburgring. The Nordschleife of a legendary
racing circuit is also a categorical proof belligerent for contrast and further
enhancing a new BMW M8.

The BMW Group has tangible a clever participation in a oppulance segment
as one of a vital pillars of a NUMBER ONE NEXT strategy. With
a unchanging prolongation of a indication portfolio by a addition
of a new BMW 8 Series Coupe and a new BMW M8, a BMW Group
creates a ideal prerequisites for winning over a many demanding
aim groups and convincing them with a singular multiple of supreme
dynamics and complicated luxury.

*Due to a antecedent automobile status, technical sum like fuel
consumption, CO2 emissions etc. will be communicated after this year.