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Welcome Event in Munich: Ricky Collard and Nico Menzel introduced as new BMW Motorsport Juniors.

Munich (DE), 27th Apr 2016. The third deteriorate of a BMW Motorsport
Junior programme, that was realigned in 2014, strictly got underway
on Monday and Tuesday with a Welcome Event in Munich (DE). BMW
Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt (DE) welcomed a dual tip Juniors
from a prior dual seasons, Jesse Krohn (FI) and Louis Delétraz
(CH), as good as this year’s newcomers, Ricky Collard (GB) and Nico
Menzel (DE).

“I would like to acquire a new Juniors, Ricky Collard and Nico
Menzel, to a BMW family. Both are unequivocally gifted and have been
comparison brazen of a lot of other candidates. We now wish they will
follow a glorious instance set by their predecessors Jesse Krohn and
Louis Delétraz,” pronounced Marquardt. “The pair’s corner appearances during the
circle of a BMW M6 GT3 in a ADAC GT Masters is explanation that the
realignment of a Junior programme has been a finish success. So
far, we have managed to find and support outstanding, gifted drivers
each year, and to give them a collection they need for a career in the
tip GT racing categories. Jesse and Louis are fatiguing justification of this.”

Krohn and Delétraz transport to a Sachsenring (DE) this weekend, where
they will competition their initial competition together in a BMW M6 GT3. They
competition in a Schubert Motorsport automobile in a ADAC GT Masters, one of
a strongest GT racing array in a world. “Every year we look
brazen to operative with a powers that be on a Junior programme,”
pronounced Krohn. “I am now in a third year of my training, and have a
illusory competition report with a BMW M6 GT3. Hopefully we can now use
my knowledge to pass on a tip or dual to my new colleagues.” Delétraz
said: “The Welcome Event is a good event to get to know a new
Juniors and to accommodate adult with aged acquaintances. We had a good time
together. we am now unequivocally looking brazen to a outing to the
Sachsenring. we am about to expostulate in my initial ever GT race, and am sure
we will learn a lot from what will certainly be a pretentious experience.
we can frequency wait to get going.”

Collard and Menzel tender a jury of BMW Motorsport experts during a
shootout in a BMW M235i Racing in March. They have been rewarded
with a event to accept a extensive training within the
BMW Motorsport Junior programme. This began during Monday’s Welcome Event
with an central acquire from BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt,
a guided debate by a BMW Motorsport seminar and a media training
exercise. A organisation travel in a Bavarian Alps was scheduled for Tuesday.
Over a march of a year, a 2016 BMW Motorsport Juniors will
competition a series of races in a BMW M235i Racing. They will also
finish countless fitness, mental and simulator training modules.

“I am unequivocally unapproachable to be partial of this programme,” pronounced Collard. “For
me, this is a illusory possibility to rise serve as a racing driver.
So far, we usually have knowledge of single-seater cars. we will now
competition my initial furloughed automobile races in a BMW M235i Racing. we am sure
we will accept a lot of profitable tips from a conduct instructor Dirk
Adorf. And maybe my father can give me a peculiar square of advice.”
Ricky’s father Rob Collard (GB) has been pushing BMWs in a British
Touring Car Championship (BTCC) given 2008. He is during a circle of a
BMW 125i M Sport in 2016. Ricky Collard assimilated a Formula Ford series
in 2014. He finished runner-up in 2015 and was among a finalists in
a opinion for a “BRDC Young Driver of a Year” during a renowned
Autosport Awards. In 2016, he will start in Formula 3 alongside his
outings in a BMW M235i Racing.

Nico Menzel has motorsport in his genes. On a one hand, he has
picked these adult from his hearth of Adenau (DE), that is located
on a Nürburgring-Nordschleife (DE). On a other hand, he has
hereditary these genes from his father Christian Menzel (DE), one of
a best German sports automobile drivers of a final few decades, who won
a Nürburgring 24 Hours in a BMW 320d in 1998. Nico Menzel took part
in a Formula BMW Talent Cup in 2013, when he finished runner-up in
a altogether standings. In new years, Menzel has been gaining
profitable competition knowledge in a ADAC Formula Masters and afterwards in the
Porsche Carrera Cup Asia. “It is illusory to be behind in a BMW
family after 2013,” pronounced Menzel. “I still know a few people from back
afterwards and am looking brazen to an sparkling and sundry programme over
a entrance months. The awaiting of racing on a Nordschleife is
apparently quite appealing to me, as we usually live 10 minutes
from a circuit. we consider it is going to be a good year.”

Dirk Adorf (DE) has been a conduct instructor for a immature drivers
ever given a BMW Motorsport Junior programme was realigned. Looking
brazen to a third season, he said: “I am happy that a shootout
constructed dual drivers who are as earnest and gifted as Ricky and
Nico, who we can sight over a entrance months. we quite enjoyed
saying all 3 year groups together during a Welcome Event. we think
a paths being fake by Jesse and Louis during BMW Motorsport are very
good examples and a good inducement for a subsequent generation. Ricky and
Nico can see during initial palm what they can grasp on a BMW Motorsport
Junior programme.”

You can find information on a BMW Motorsport Junior programme, the
BMW M6 GT3 Junior automobile and sum of all a drivers in a Media
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