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The fisherman stands in a tiny induce of his boat, tiller in one hand, cigarette in a other, looking a good understanding younger than his 83 years. He started fishing when he was five; given then, he has excluded his rounds in Dubrovnik’s waters on an roughly daily basis. The city used to have 40 veteran fishermen; now Hajtilovic is one of a final of his kind. “Fishermen are going extinct, it’s a tough job,” says a aged male but any bitterness. Hajtilovic named his medium vessel after his grandson: “Mali Ivan”, or “Little Ivan”. Ivan is 35 now – a same age as a vessel – and has betrothed his grandfather to continue a fishing business, even yet it’s frequency value it anymore. “The nets used to be mostly full, my grandfather filled them 70 to 80 percent on his trips,” relates Ivan, “these days they’re usually 30 percent full.” The waters have been overfished, and sound from journey ships, jet skis and ferries has driven divided sea life. But a aged fisherman knows a few choice places where he can still use his “Parangal”, or longline, to remove a primary citation or dual from a intelligible waters.