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Welcome to M Town: BMW Welt opens a new permanent muster space.

  • When dreams turn reality: BMW Welt, in team-work with
    BMW M GmbH, now brings a M Town practical universe to Munich.
  • Experience a BMW M code in new splendour.
  • Selfie mark for memorable memories from M Town.
  • The vehicles on vaunt are altered frequently to highlight
    a dynamics and farrago of BMW M.

Munich. From 28 Aug 2019 visitors and automobile
enthusiasts can knowledge a new permanent muster space during BMW
Welt. Now it’s official: “Welcome to M Town!”, a new home of a BMW
M brand. The innovative pattern judgment is formed on a marketing
debate with a same name. M Town, a digital and social
communication platform, is a practical dream city and home to all
motorsports enthusiasts and fans of a BMW Group code specialising
in high-performance sports cars. The energetic stroke of M Town pulsates
wherever we find passion for high-performance automobiles. Now you
can also feel it during BMW Welt. The new space creates an extraordinary
knowledge for visitors interjection to a singular multiple of
worldly pattern and state-of-the-art technology. “BMW Welt is
some-more than only a home for particular BMW Group vehicles. We wish to
keep stirring a fans and visitors with innovative and architectural
highlights. The new BMW muster space now turns M Town into
reality”, says Helmut Käs, Director of BMW Welt.

The new home for a many absolute minute in a world.

The new BMW M muster space is dedicated wholly to a most
absolute minute in a world. Automobile fans with a passion for
motorsports and pattern can learn a M Town approach of life in a
practical city showcased with fantastic videos on Here
all focuses on a high-performance sports cars by BMW M GmbH
and fascinating bland pushing experiences. An bright graphic
arrangement of M Town, that disappears into a stretch perspectively on
a vast LED Screen, points a approach to a practical dream city. The
superb roof enlightenment done adult of resplendent black and dynamically
made jets, reflects a energetic impression of a vehicles on
display. At a “Selfie Point” visitors can share their knowledge on
amicable media and record their impressions underneath a sign “I finally
found M Town during BMW Welt”. “M Town now also
finds a really special home during BMW Welt. The newly designed exhibition
space invites each automobile fan to turn a citizen of M Town for a
brief time”, says Markus Flasch, Director of BMW M GmbH.

The new muster space opens with the
BMW X3 M Competition (fuel expenditure combined: 10.5 l/ 100km; CO2
emissions combined: 239 g/km) in Donington Grey lead and a BMW
X4 M Competition (fuel expenditure combined: 10.5 l/ 100km; CO2
emissions combined: 239 g/km) in Toronto Red metallic, that both
mix a suggestion of journey with a disdainful high-performance
explain of BMW M. Both cars are accompanied by a BMW M4 Convertible
(fuel expenditure combined: 10.2 l (9.5 l)/ 100km; CO2 emissions
combined: 232 g (217 g)/km) in Individual Frozen Dark Blue II metallic
and a BMW M5 Competition (fuel expenditure combined: 10.6-10.5 l/
100km; CO2 emissions combined: 241-238 g/km) in in Snapper Rocks Blue metallic.

The information during a glance:

“M Town” muster space:

When:              From 28 Aug 2019

Where:             BMW Welt

Admission:     free of charge

The total in brackets impute to the
car with seven-speed M double-clutch delivery with Drivelogic.

The total for fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and power
expenditure are distributed formed on a dimensions methods
stipulated in a stream chronicle of Regulation (EU) 2007/715.

The total are distributed regulating a car propitious with basic
apparatus in Germany, a ranges settled take into account
differences in comparison circle and tyre sizes as good as the
discretionary equipment. They might change during configuration. The
total have already been distributed formed on a new WLTP
exam cycle and blending to NEDC for comparison purposes. In
these vehicles, opposite total than those published here
might request for a comment of taxes and other
vehicle-related duties that are (also) formed on CO2 emissions.

For serve sum of a central fuel expenditure figures
and central specific CO2 emissions of new cars, greatfully refer
to a “Manual on fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and
energy expenditure of new cars”, accessible giveaway of charge
during all sales outlets, from Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH
(DAT), Hellmuth-Hirth-Str. 1, 73760 Ostfildern-Scharnhausen
and during