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Welcome to a BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy Central Asia 2018.

Munich. The GS Trophy is streamer to Mongolia in June
2018 for what will be a biggest plea yet. With 3 new teams
fasten a foe (Australia, India and a second International
Female Team) and now with 8 days of competition, to concede for the
outrageous distances, a sixth BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy, the
Central Asia 2018 edition, is set to mangle all records.

Encountering… everything!
Each of a previous
GS Trophies has found a possess thesis as a foe has hopped from
continent to continent. Some have been about plateau or vast
volcanic plateaux, others about desert, and a final (in 2016) took
a GS riders into a erotic South East Asian sleet forests. For 2018,
Mongolia will offer most some-more in only a one knowledge as a riders
will try from plateau to a dried around a immeasurable Mongolian
Steppe (high-altitude grasslands). The scale, for this edition, is
truly epic. Unquestionably this is a kind of knowledge that
journey riders dream about.

About Mongolia.
Mongolia is both immeasurable (at 1.5
million block kilometres it’s about 3 times a distance of Germany)
and frugally populated – with a foe of only 3 million you’d
have to transport to Antarctica to find a obtuse populated region!

The nation is of march best famous for carrying been a chair of power
for a Mongolian Empire when in a 13th century Genghis Khan created
a biggest constant sovereignty ever famous to history. Today, some 30%
are still pronounced to be following a centuries-old winding horse
culture, channel a steppe any deteriorate to graze their livestock,
predominantly yaks and camels.

Where is Mongolia? From Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital, to Munich
(home of BMW Motorrad) is about 8250km by highway and track, a journey
that typically takes around 3 weeks. It’s still13 hours by plane.
It shares a southern limit with China while Russia (essentially
Siberia) lies to a north. The plateau sits during an altitude of around
1000-1500m above sea turn and this will keep a temperatures cooler,
a participants should design anything between frost-nipped 0ºC
nights by to about 25ºC during a day. Conditions can
nonetheless get flattering impassioned – high winds and dirt storms are not
uncommon. And while Mongolia is a surprisingly balmy country
(averaging around 250 balmy days a year) summer is a stormy season!

All this means a GS riders will need to be prepared to understanding with a
whole operation of turf forms as they’ll transport opposite mountains,
by canyons, opposite a steppe and into desert. So that’s rock,
gravel, grasses, substantially silt and finally sand, with all kinds of
elevations and gradients to contend with.

About a GS Trophy.
The GS Trophy is a
jubilee of a suggestion of a BMW GS motorcycle, bringing together
those elements of leisure, journey and plea that this bike
engenders. The Central Asia 2018 eventuality is a sixth book of a GS
Trophy, a prior editions took place in South East Asia (Thailand)
in 2016, North America (Canada) in 2014, South America (Chile,
Argentina) in 2012, South Africa (SA, Swaziland, Mozambique) in 2010
and North Africa) (Tunisia) in 2008. This book will see 18 teams
competing, comprising 54 riders.

The eventuality is not a foe though a group competition, pitching the
GS-riding general fortuitous opposite any other in a array of
hurdles – and not all engage riding. With a competitors camped
nightly in a bivouac, a eventuality also fosters a clarity of brotherhood,
sisterhood – and camaraderie. The successful group will be respectful
of their environment, sensitive to their machine and understanding
of team-mates.

The eventuality starts on Jun 1, 2018 when a competitors will arrive at
a eventuality HQ in Ulaanbataar for a programme of supplement briefings, bike
allocations and media meetings.
The foe itself will
start on Jun 3 and ends on Jun 10.

Follow a event.
BMW Motorrad will yield a
multi-channel media knowledge during a event, sum of that will
be expelled closer to a time. For now we can find out some-more about
a eventuality and a teams during a dedicated website:

You will find press element on BMW motorcycles and BMW Motorrad
supplement apparatus in a BMW Group PressClub during


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