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Welcome to a city of a future. BMW Welt is opening a new Junior Campus.

Munich.How will we be relocating around in a few years’
time? What will a city of tomorrow demeanour like, and how will we live
there? Answers to these questions customarily embody buzzwords such as
“autonomous driving”, “e-mobility” and “smart city”. But these terms
mostly leave even adults with a undetermined demeanour on their faces. In the
modernized Junior Campus during BMW Welt, immature visitors can now learn,
by play, accurately what lies behind these phrases. BMW Welt is
charity a initial opportunities to entirely try a newly designed
bedrooms as partial of a opening celebrations on Saturday, Mar 7 and
Sunday, Mar 8. On Sunday, there will be some informed faces from the
universe of children’s party and preparation on hand: Can
Masuroglu, a presenter of his possess educational array on KIKA, and
author Benjamin Hadrigan will be looking during a destiny of training in
afternoon lectures and discussions. 


The destiny has begun and everybody can assistance figure it.

Smart cities and unconstrained vehicles are still visions of a future,
though today’s children will be vital during a time when these hotly debated
issues will have turn partial of their bland lives. At a newly
non-stop Junior Campus during BMW Welt, they can take their initial demeanour at
a universe of tomorrow. Innovative projection technology, a accumulation of
interactive elements and complicated multimedia calm offer young
visitors a multi-sensory experience. 


The ultra-modern Junior Campus is divided into dual sections. The
initial room presents sparkling visions. This is where children can get
artistic themselves on a “Future Creator”, for example. On a
monitor, they can pattern cars, aircraft or rail vehicles and project
them with a click onto a shade where their newly combined modes of
ride pierce by a “Future City”. 

The subsequent room looks during a doubt of “what do we design in the
future?” There, for example, immature visitors can learn futuristic
materials, such as a state-of-the-art robotic skin, and they can find
out about destiny careers.


The groundwork is open roughly all day, sealed usually twice any day for
a “Creative Workshop”. This will demeanour in larger abyss during a topics
presented in a Junior Campus. Bookings are taken for 3 different
versions: children aged 5 and six, children between a ages of
7 and 13, and whole families can excavate into a universe of
tomorrow. The determined programming workshops and a “Future
Challenge” for adults are also offered. The bedrooms on a second floor
have been modernized for this purpose. 


A sundry module during a opening event.

On Mar 7 and 8, a modernized Junior Campus will be prepared for the
initial debate starting during 10 am. A sundry module for a whole family is
offering via a weekend. With 3D pens, immature artists can create
their possess sculptures, and budding architects can assistance erect an
whole “Future City” with Lego bricks.


Exciting talks and discussions will take place on Sunday afternoon.
Benjamin Hadrigan, author of a book on how to learn with Snapchat,
Instagram and WhatsApp, will give a display during 1 pm. At 2 pm, he
will plead “learning in a future” together with KIKA presenter Can
Masuroglu. Young visitors will afterwards have a event to get to
know their educational heroes in person. From 3.30 pm, Can
Masurogluwill assistance emanate destiny vehicles in a Junior Campus. 



Information during a glance:


Reopening of a Junior Campus during BMW World

When:              March 7 and 8, 2020

Where:             BMW Welt

Admission:      Free of charge







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